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Most Effective Vedic Practices to Generate Positive Aura 

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In today’s stressful life when everyone is running after money day and night. Due to the high-stress, nobody is having a peaceful life and aura around them is highly negative.

How can we get rid of this negative aura which is the main reason for our stress, failures in life, clashes in family, etc. ?

In vedic astrology both positive and negative energy surrounds every native, this is up to each native that how he/she is going to increase the positive aura or negative aura around him/her.

In today’s highly materialistic world, where the money is everything, human beings can’t even think about there inner self. They are living a superficial life surrounded by all worldly pleasure and when they are near to their death they realize that they had never think about inner self.

Here, we will discuss few Vedic practices that will help you to enhance the positive aura around you and you will feel a peaceful mind.

 (1)   Therapy by “Om mantra” : Om is one of the most spiritual sounds and it refers to your self ( soul within. the essence of life, highest knowledge, the sound of the universe). It was first mentioned in “Upanishads”. One should chant “Om” daily for at least fifteen minutes in a proper manner and you can chant it any time. Following are the advantages of chanting “Om” : 

(a) it creates positive aura around you and reduces the effect of negative energy around you.

(b) it will increase your concentration power.

(c) it enhances your healing powers

(d) it helps you to fight with vocal cords, lungs or brain-related diseases.

2. Therapy with colors :

Color plays an important role on earth and provides positive energy on human beings. Colors play an important role in astrology to maintain a balance of positive and negative energy or aura around the native which depends on the first house lord or ascendant in any birth chart. Colors that generate negative energy impact your thought process and make you in a confusing state of mind. However, on the other hand, colors that provide positive energy ** per the ascendant make you feel happy, generate a lot of positive aura around you, make your mind stable and your decision making power will also be more stable.

For the ascendants: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces or Cancer they should use colors like yellow, white, pink, orange and red. This will enhance their positive aura and reduce your negative thoughts. Such natives should avoid using colors like black, dark grey and green.

For ascendants: Taurus, Capricorn, Libra or Gemini, they should use colors like sky blue, grey, purple, navy blue, black, cream and green. These colors to such ascendants will generate a positive aura around them. Such natives should avoid using colors like orange and red.

3. Feeding birds and fishes: If you feed birds and fishes at the time of sunset or early in the morning, that will reduce the negative aura around you. This tip is beneficial for those who have negative impacts of Rahu and Ketu in their birth chart. Such natives who are going through Rahu or Ketu mahadasha should use this tip and this will be very helpful to them. ** this process increases the positive vibes around you so this tip will be very useful for all other natives ** well.

4. Feeding a spoonful of wheat flour or sugar to ants: One should keep a spoonful of wheat or sugar near the roots of the tree and if there is any source of water ** well, then it will be more beneficial. This process reduces your negative karma’s impact during this life and helps you to maintain positive energy around you. This process is very helpful who has been facing huge mental stress, losses in business, clashes in family life, instability in career. This process will give immediate results to the natives.

5. Supporting a kid education or supporting a kid with education material: Natives whose Jupiter is weak in the birth chart and due to this their family life is disturbed or marriage is getting delayed. If such native can support directly a kid who is unable to study by himself/herself due to financial problems, then this tip will definitely improve your Jupiter in your birth chart and you will see that positive energy start generating around you, which positively impact your overall life whether it will be financial or family life .

Sachin Sharmaa,

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