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Impact of negative Rahu in birth chart & Its Best Remedies 

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Impact of negative Rahu on the individual : 

Negative Rahu creates an illusion in the mind of the native. The native mind will never be focussed and he will think in many different directions at a time with no fixed goal. Such natives have more energy than the usual person to do the task and if such energy will be focussed in the wrong direction then such native can do crime ** well. 

How do you know that Rahu is negative in your birth chart? 

Following are some points which shows that you are suffering from negative Rahu in your birth chart : 

1. you run after money blindly whenever and wherever he got opportunity whether it is legal or illegal. 

2. you start involving yourself into the world of illusion like mobile, computer games too much and got addicted to such things. 

3. you got violent very quickly if you are going through Rahu mahadasha and you got married then it will be very difficult for them to maintain a relationship due to your violent nature.


4. you got excited too much for any idea, job, task and most of the time it will be a waste of time. 

5. you ignore all rituals and traditions.

6.  you can't concentrate or focus on one job/business for a long time. 

7.  if all the family members are vegetarian then you will start eating meat and drinking alcohol, especially during rahu mahadasha. 

8. such natives will sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning for no reason.

9. you start taking alcohol and drugs. 

10 you become negative about every aspect of life. 

11. suddenly you lose your job due to conspiracy against you. 

12. suddenly you are in legal trouble due to some false allegation on you.     

Best remedies for negative Rahu in the birth chart : 

If Rahu is negative in your birth chart then following are the best remedies for negative Rahu: 

1. you should donate food in dogs' care homes (NGO ) during Nakshatra of Ardra, Swati, Shatabhisha. 

2. If you are unable to focus in your job, many tasks are always moving in your mind, unable to study properly, always in anger and irritated, then you should apply white sandal tilak on your forehead and chant "Om Namah Shivaye" mantra 108 times daily. 

3. you should add some drops of sandalwood oil in your bath water and also add some bermuda ( doob) grass in it.  

4. you should eat your dinner before sunset.


5. you should chant Rahu mantra : Aum Bhran Bhrin Bhron seh Rahve Namah ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः॥ 

*This mantra should be chanted for 18000 times within 40 days, you should know how to pronounce it properly.

6. you should avoid eating leftover food and they should eat their food in the kitchen itself.  

7. you should feed fish and if possible should release some fish in pond water after purchase from the shop.

8. you should drink coconut water once in a week and also donate coconuts.

9. you should donate 7 coconuts on every amavasya night. 

10. you should serve handicap people.

11. you should never argue with old age people and always help them politely.  

12. you should visit Shani temple on every Saturday.

13. you should never argue with your parents. 

14. you should visit any of the following or more than one Kaal Bhairo Temples on the day of Nakshatra of Ardra, Swati, Shatabhisha : 

(a) Kaal Bhairo Temple, Ujjain 

(b) Kaal Bhairo Mandir, Varanasi

(c) Kalabhairaveshwara Temple, Karnataka

(d) Ajaikapada Bhairava Temple, Odisha

(e) Kalabhairavar Temple, Tamil Nadu

(f) Chomukha Bhairavji Temple, Rajasthan

(g) Shri Kala Bhairava Nath Swami Temple, Adegaon, Madhya Pradesh 

Sachin Sharmaa,

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