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What is Bharani Nakshatra in astrology ? 

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Bharani Nakshatra ranges from 13.20 to 26.40- degrees in Aries. This the second nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras and ruled by Venus. 

Male characteristics : 

Natives born in Bharani nakshatra are strong determined, clever, always favor the truth. As Venus is the lord of this nakshatra life of such natives will be luxurious and in the rashi of Mars / Venus, such natives have a huge urge to have ***.  So, you tend to spend more time with the opposite *** due to which such natives are more inclined towards extramarital affairs due to which is not a good sign for married life. 

Such natives are having a lot of friends and among friends natives born in Bharani nakshatra, you are very popular. You are very helpful to your friends and you won't make friends easily. Natives born in this nakshatra won't take any step without thinking. Such natives can express their thoughts clearly whether anyone likes it or not. You don't like flattering. Natives born in Bharani nakshatra have very high intuition power and they judge before the problems came to them and due to this such natives make themselves ready for any problems in the future. Such natives have certain principles in life due to which they are adamant in excepting the ideas of others due to which it leads them into trouble. Such natives are very font of spreading rumors.

Such natives are not extravagant and after thinking too much these natives spend their money. Life of natives born in Bharani nakshatra is fluctuating till the age of thirty-five but later it will be smooth. Such natives love their family a lot and avoid moving to other countries due to this. Such natives have a happy married life, except clashes will be on the money as these natives got married to an extravagant girl. 

Female characteristics : 

Females born in this nakshatra possess admirable and modest character. Such natives respect her elderly relatives but don't like to take suggestions from others.  Female born under Bharani nakshatra is of stable minded. Such natives won't take quick decisions in any of their problems. These natives tend to get attracted to other *** easily. 

Such natives are dominant in their domestic affairs. Due to the dominant nature, such natives face clashes with in-laws however they got favor from her spouse. 

Characteristics of natives born in different padas of Bharani nakshatra : 

(1) First pada: Lord of this pada is Sun. Such natives are little introvert but positive towards life. Dasha of Sun gives inauspicious results to these natives. 

(2) Second pada: Lord of this pada is Moon. Such natives are of an unstable mind and act cleverly. Dasha of Mars and venus give auspicious results but there will be mental instability during Dasha of Moon. 

(3) Third pada: Lord of this pada is Venus. Such natives are cruel, are interested in adventurous sports and activities. The character of such natives are not good and tend extramarital affair. Dasha of Mars and Venus gives auspicious results. 

(4) Fourth pada: Lord of this nakshatra is Mars. Such natives are courageous and have no fear of doing any activity, face any problem in life strongly. Dasha of Mars and Venus give auspicious results. 

Suitable Career or Profession for Bharani Nakshatra

Doctor, business management, administration, psychologist, army, police, nurse, interior designer, jewelry designer, therapists, fitness trainer, media related. 

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