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Let us first understand what the eighth house of the birth chart represents: This house represents the native's longevity, death, obstacles, suddenness, unexpected gains or losses, inheritance, hidden talents, incurable diseases, external genital and mental anguish. 

Rahu in the eighth house of the birth chart : 

This placement of Rahu is not good in the birth chart. 

Married Life: Married life of such natives got adversely affected due to Rahu in the eighth house of a birth chart. This placement of Rahu is very inauspicious for married life too. Such native will not have good relationships with in-laws ** well and have heated argument with them whenever meet them.  In a female birth chart, the eighth house should be free from malefic aspects and not only the eighth house but also the eighth house from the moon should not have any malefic aspect. If Mars is also placed with Rahu in the eighth house of the female birth chart then such natives will face the life of a widow. But if Jupiter aspects from a benefic house then its negative impact will be reduced. 

Health: Such natives face problems like piles, gynecological problems, testicles problems, and sudden death. If Rahu is placed with venus such a person can meet with an accident and such a person may suffer from HIV due to Rahu and venus. 

If Rahu is placed with Mars in the eighth house then such a person can do murder, die due to a vehicle accident.  If the lord of seventh-placed in eighth house or lord of the eighth house present in the seventh house then such native may face food poison and should face surgeries in their lifetime.  Such natives may spend money in court cases without any reasons and due to fake litigations. 

Career: Placement of Rahu in the eighth house can give sudden gains in the share market if aspected by the fifth house lord.  Such natives become excellent detectives, black magicians, astrologers, investigators, researchers, scientists if aspected by Jupiter.  

Remedies for Rahu in the eighth house of the birth chart : 

1. Such a native should not cheat anyone in any circumstances. 

2. Such natives should keep the relationship very clean with in-laws 

3. Such natives should worship Mata Durga. 

4. Such a native should keep a piece of Silver in his pocket. 

5. Fennel should be kept under the pillow.

6. Such native should chant mahamrituynjaya mantra, 

7. Such native should do kumbh vivah,

Sachin Sharmaa,

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