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Let us first understand what eleventh house in the birth chart represent : 

This house represent the native's gains of all material things, income, fulfillment of desires, reward and punishment, elder coborn, legs, ear and recovery from diseases 

Rahu in the eleventh house of birth chart :

Such * native get good results during Rahu mahadasha in terms of finances. Such native can never plan * property in his homeland . Such * person get help from his influential contacts and friends. Rahu in the elventh house of birth  chart creates huge desire in native to accumulate wealth and such native always want to multiply his wealth .  Such natives also get help from friends who are settled abroad and such natives also settle abroad with the help of these friends. 

Relationship of such native with children are not good and also face problems during old age when such native require his kids the most. Due to the presenct of the Ketu in the fifth house miscarriage also happen to such native when Mars aspect the fifth house or placed there . 

Such native also don't have cordial relationship with father. 

Remedies for Rahu in the eleventh house of birth chart : 

1. Such native should wear * gold chain. 

2. Such native should keep themself away from blue saphire

3. Such native should not take any electric equipment as gift from anyone. 

4. Such native should respect father. 

5. Such native should drink water is silver utensil.

Sachin Sharmaa,

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