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Rahu in fifth house,Rahu in 5th house,Rahu in 5th house of birth chart

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Rahu in the 5th house,Rahu in the fifth house 

In this blog,let us discuss the impact of Rahu in the Fifth house. Also, Let’s see how the placement of Rahu affects health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

What is the Fifth house of the birth chart?

The 5th house is also known as the house of Children, Creativity, Love, Desires, knowledge, education (Graduation Level), Past life good karmas, fame (as the natural owner is the sun the main reason for fame), followers (since it shows students as well who follow their ideals/leaders, house of your mother’s side (Maternal family), heart ailments, ailments related to below the chest area. 

The love and creativity of a person are seen as affected by the planets placed here and the fifth lord’s placement in the horoscope. 

5th house gives information about a person’s creativity, self-expression, and love-related affairs, it is 3rd from 3rd so it’s higher communication i.e. written communication like that of writing books etc.

Body parts denoted by this house are the area below the chest, upper abdomen, gall bladder, stomach (as the sun owns it naturally and denotes fire as well and digestive fire is what digests the food in the body) and intestines as well.

This house is very commonly known as the sut/santati bhav in Sanskrit as it gives information about a person's happiness from children and one’s cultural knowledge. This is also the mantra house of the horoscope as it gives proficiency/success to one in one or many mantras.

What is Rahu in Astrology ? 

Characteristics which best describes Rahu are : intuition, insight, inspiration, imagination, ingenuity, originality, novelty, independence, confusion of feelings, uncertainty, flight from reality, nervousness and psychosis,illusion and delusion, alcohol and drug addiction. Rahu can mean epidemic diseases, hysteria, insanity, or issue. In family relations, it denotes the grandmother and grandfather on the mother's side. Rahu is eccentric and impulsive.

Rahu is associated with sleight of hand and manipulation; activities related to overseas,immigration, foreign countries, chemical, work with alcohol and poisons and harmful substances,participation in illegal activities, involvement in occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena.

Rahu in the fifth house of the birth chart general characteristics: 

Rahu placement in fifth house creates trouble in education of the native. Such natives face trouble in completing their education and there are breaks in completing the education. Such natives will not get good results in education even after doing very hard work. Incidents like not reaching to examination centre, got fever before exam, meet with accident before examination etc may happen with such native.

Rahu placement in the fifth house give pitra dosha. Such natives fell in love affairs and there will be problems in fulfilling the desires. If lord of the fifth house is placed in the twelfth house such natives may left the house at the early age of sixteen or eighteen. 

Such natives will not get any support from their kids when they need it the most like in the old age. There will always be differences between children and such native. But if guru ( Jupiter) is aspecting such rahu in the fifth house then it reduce its negativity. 

If there is conjunction of Rahu with Mars or Ketu with Mars then there will be huge chances of miscarriage to such natives. There are also chances that the child born will be having some sort of disability. 

Rahu in the fifth house marriage / married life :

Rahu makes a man Greedy, innumerable thoughts & desires, betrayal, unsatisfactory person.Rahu in the 5th house may create multiple relationship. 5th house Rahu creates multi directional thoughts & love life.

If Rahu in 5th house native will gets innumerable thoughts & desires. It will affects ones character too.

Placement of Rahu in the 5th house is not suitable for love life or marriage life. 5th Rahu makes betrayal thoughts so love life will be ended . Rahu in the 5th house gives unsatisfactory in love . So native will never satisfied with one lover.Native is very eager in searching of suitable lover.

Rahu in the fifth house, does not deny the birth of children but it may signify the birth of special/ unique & sometime exceptionally talented children. When the person blessed with a child there are possibility that such child will take the person to foreign land. 

But in some cases Rahu creates trouble in child birth.

Rahu in the fifth house career : 

Rahu can create analytical mind and may be creative in multiple field. Such person can be a famous media person,profession like share trading, interior designing,event management,cosmetics suits him/her.

Furthermore, your profession would be much related to the gas, oil, and chemical industry as well.

Rahu in fifth house health : 

When Rahu in the 5th house, it may create severe health issues. Common issues related to this are : Stomach-related troubles, cancer, breathing problems, cataract,stammering,brain related issues like depression,insomnia, ulcers etc. 

Rahu in the 5th house positive aspects : 

  • Such person are very creative.
  • Such person have analytical bend of mind.
  • Such person can be a famous media person.
  • Such person can be a famous politician.
  • Such person can be the owner of  multiple businesses in life.
  • Such person can also addicted with adoption of children or can run orphanage in life.
  • Such person can be a famous actor or theatre artist.

Rahu in the 5th house negative aspects :

  • Such person may have unstable mind.
  • Such person may face delay in child birth.
  • Such perso may be obsessed with multiple relationship even after marriage. 
  • Married life is not so smooth. 
  • Such person may wander here and there to achieve the goal of the life.
  • Such person may face unstable career.
  • Such person face depression in life.
  • Such person may spend lot of money on his health related issues. 
  • Such person would be a big pleasure seeker.
  • Such person may be surrounded by cheaters and frauds.

Remedies for Rahu in the fifth house of the birth chart :


1. Such natives should donate Barley to some poor person. 

2. Such natives should not accept the electrical or electronic item as a gift from anyone. 

3. Such natives should donate black blanket/clothes on Saturday. 

4. Such natives should chant the mantra: Aum Bhran Bhrin Bhron seh Rahve Namah ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः॥ *This mantra should be chanted for 18000 times within 40 days before chanting this mantra native should be well aware of how to pronounce the mantra. 

5. Such natives should keep the cactus plant at home. 

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