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Rahu in the fourth house,Rahu in the 4th house

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Rahu in the 4th house,Rahu in fourth house of birth chart,Best Remedies when Rahu in 4th house

In this blog, we will discuss the impact of Rahu in the Fourth house. Also, Let’s see how the placement of Rahu affects health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

What is the Fourth house of the birth chart?

The 4th house is also known as the horoscope's house of mother, emotions, happiness, home/house, and comfort. This is the first house of Moksha trikon (Nirvana/Salvation). It also shows our basic emotions and connections with one’s mother or motherland as well. The natural owner of this house is the Moon. The symbol is a crab symbolising that emotions don’t necessarily go straight like the walk of a crab. This house tells about the ability of a person to have a house or not, whether the person will have the luck to make/buy their own house/property. 

The beauty of a person’s house is also seen with this house and various planet’s placement.

What is Rahu in Astrology ? 

Characteristics which best describes Rahu are : intuition, insight, inspiration, imagination, ingenuity, originality, novelty, independence, confusion of feelings, uncertainty, flight from reality, nervousness and psychosis,illusion and delusion, alcohol and drug addiction. Rahu can mean epidemic diseases, hysteria, insanity, or issue. In family relations, it denotes the grandmother and grandfather on the mother's side. Rahu is eccentric and impulsive.

Rahu is associated with sleight of hand and manipulation; activities related to overseas,immigration, foreign countries, chemical, work with alcohol and poisons and harmful substances,participation in illegal activities, involvement in occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena.

Rahu in the fourth house of the birth chart general characteristics: 

This is not so favourable placement of Rahu in the birth chart. Such natives may face problems since their childhood and unable to enjoy their childhood. Such natives start working since they carry big responsibility in childhood itself.  Rahu placement in the fourth house makes the moon weaker and the mother of such natives suffer from diseases. During the Rahu mahadasha mother of such natives may suffer from such an incurable disease and lead to death.  Rahu placement in the fourth house of a birth chart creates a very restless mind of the native. Such natives always feel very stressed for their career, finances and family life.  Such natives also suffer problems in old age as well. These problems will be of any type whether physically, mentally or financially. 

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If malefic Mars and Venus aspect the fourth house then such native makes *** relationship in their own house. Such natives will not get sound sleep. Such natives should not buy a house on their name. There are chances that spouse of such natives is at a very high position.  Such natives should do job / business away from the homeland due to ketu placement in the tenth house which is the house of Karma ( career growth ). If such natives keep doing job in their homeland than they will not get growth in their career and always financial problems in their life. If such native get opportunity you should settle in other country then these malefic effects will be reduced. Otherwise during Mahadasha of Rahu / Ketu such natives face huge problems in life whether it is financially, personally or career related. 

Rahu in fourth house marriage / married life :

 People having Rahu in the fourth house will find it little difficult to maintain peace and tranquility in the marriage initially. Such persons will get a spouse who is demanding in terms of love and affection. Such person are unable to maintain work life balance, due to which married life becomes stressful.  Hence, people having Rahu in their fourth house will have to put extra effort to maintain work life balance. 

 Marriage of persons when Rahu in fourth house will last longer with difficulties. Such persons will get loayl partners. Such persons with Rahu in 4th house are emotionally attached to their partners and support each other in a situation of adversity.

Rahu in fourth house career : 

People with Rahu in their fourth house, will push person into entrepreneurship. There are chances of doing some business related to foreign land, such person will do business or job away from the birth place. Careers in chemical industry,teaching, hospitality, international enterprises,cosmetic business,share trading and property investment agencies. 

Rahu in fourth house health : 

Such person may face heart related issues at early age. Such person may face stomach,lungs related diseases.  In female , it may create breast related critical disease like breast cancer at later age of lif

Rahu in fourth house positive aspects : 

  • Such persons are financially very strong. 
  • Such persons strengthens their relationship with their wife . 
  • Rahu provides power, recognition and fame. 
  • Such persons might experience sudden gains in terms of wealth, power, and business. 
  • It also provides intelligence and wisdom. 

Rahu in fourth house negative aspects :

  • It makes the person greedy and they have an excessive urge to get high status in society with unfair means. 
  • Such person lack empathy and emotional intelligence towards others. 
  • Such person become too hyper and over possessive.
  • It may effect the native's thought process in negative manner.
  • Such natives may feel huge mental stress if they do job or business at their birth place. 
  • Such persons also face discrimination between people based on caste and religion. 
  • Such person face massive loss in the business and major ups and downs in their professional life. 

Remedies for Rahu in the fourth house of the birth chart :

 1. Such natives should donate Barley to some poor person. 

2. Such natives should not accept the electrical or electronic item as a gift from anyone. 

3. Such natives should donate black blanket/clothes on Saturday. 

4. Such natives should chant the mantra: Aum Bhran Bhrin Bhron seh Rahve Namah ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः॥ *This mantra should be chanted for 18000 times within 40 days before chanting this mantra native should be well aware of how to pronounce the mantra. 

5. Such natives should keep the cactus plant at home. 

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