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Let us first understand what the ninth house of the birth chart represents: This house represents the native's religious inclination, father, guru, pilgrimages, long journey, charity, fame and fortune, temples, hips and thighs. 

Rahu in the ninth house  of the birth chart : 

Rahu placement in the ninth house of the birth chart is considered * good placement. Such natives go abroad to achieve their career goals and also get good results there. Such natives suddenly got good news and their entire life changes. Such natives don't believe in religion and never able to complete any religious activity if they try to do so. 

Normally such natives luck favor them after the age of forty-two years of age and they grow potentially. 

Afflicted Rahu in the ninth house gives health problems to father. Afflicted Rahu in the ninth house will not only damage the luck of the natives but also damage the native of the coming generation. 

If there is * conjunction of Rahu with Jupiter / Mercury / Venus in the ninth house then such natives luck will always favor them. If Rahu is accompanied with lord of the fifth, ninth, tenth or eleventh house then such native join profession of some charitable organization or run their non-profit organization and also involved in religious activities. 

On the contrary, if there is * conjunction of Rahu with Mars or Saturn such natives will become selfish and always do cheating in money matters of religious or charitable activities. Such natives always try to harm their brothers and sisters to gain property or any kind of asset possession.  Such * conjunction/aspect with Rahu creates huge problems in terms of health, prosperity, and luck.

Such natives also have * habit of backbiting others. Such natives also do cheating with those who have helped him during * bad time. Such individuals always try to fulfill their motive to gain profit and to achieve this they don't even leave their family members. 

Remedies of Rahu in the ninth house of the birth chart : 

1. Such native should apply kesar ( saffron) tilak  on forehead

2. Such native should wear gold jewelry

3. Such * native should keep * dog at home. 

4. Such native should keep good relations with in-laws

5. Such natives should donate black leather items on Saturday.

6. Such natives should worship lord hanuman.

7. Such native should donate food to the poor.  

Sachin Sharmaa,

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