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Let us first understand what the second house of birth chart represents: The second house represents the native's Wealth, family, speech, eating habits, taste, status or self-esteem, death, face, eyes, nose, nails, teeth, tongue. You must have seen people are working very hard and earning a good amount of money, but their expenses are too high which further leads to no bank balance. This house is very important when we talk about the savings of any person.

Rahu in the second house of the birth chart : 

Placement of Rahu in the second house is negative for finances and native live a life with very difficult time till thirty-five years of age. Such natives will get wealth from Rahu but not before the age of thirty-five. Such natives find difficulty to get a fixed source of income which makes the mind restless. Such natives suffer from teen pain in childhood and also after the age of sixty's. Such natives are very liar and they lie to others in such a way that others can't even judge them. Such natives if born in a vegetarian family who don't drink, but such a native who has Rahu in the second house will drink alcohol and also eat nonvegetarian maybe once in his lifetime.  

Such natives are argumentative and say anything on others' faces due to which such persons are not liked in society and not even at their own home.

Such natives have chances to go abroad and earn from foreign. If they don't go foreign and invest in foreign companies such ** natives get good results. Children of such natives do very well in their education. 

Remedies of Rahu placed in the second house of the birth chart : 

1. Such a native should give full respect to the mother. 

2. Such native should keep the yellow cloth in their pocket and also wear yellow thread on the wrist. 

3. Such native can keep a pet dog at home or feed a dog daily. 

4. Such a native can donate yellow pulses to any poor person on Thursday.

Sachin Sharmaa,

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