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Rahu in second house,Rahu in 2nd house of birth chart,Rahu in 2nd house

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Rahu in the second house,Rahu in 2nd house,Rahu in 2nd house in astrology,Remedies of Rahu in 2nd house

In this blog, we will discuss the impact of Rahu in the second house, also known as the horoscope's house of accumulated wealth. How will Rahu affect health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies?

What is the Second house of the birth chart?

The 2nd house is also known as the money house (Dhan bhav), the accumulated money that a person gets or makes. It also shows the family of the individual, since the family is the wealth of a person. Body wise the 2nd house represents the mouth and speech. This house shows what the person feels for wealth in his life. This also shows the initial upbringing of a person. Body wise it tells details about the face, teeth, tongue, nose or right eye. This house tells about the accumulating habits of a person. The natural owner of this house is Venus which represents the wealth and consumption of worldly items. This house also tells about what kind of food a person would like to consume or if a person would have drinking habits. 

The first education that is what a person gets from one’s family is also seen in this house. 2nd house gives information about the overall money, food, drinks and family. This house gives the first impression of a person’s family, wealth and eating and drinking habits. The planetary positions of planets placed in the 2nd house would impact the overall family/close friends, and wealth of an individual. This house is very commonly known as the Dhan bhav or Kutumba bhav in Sanskrit as it gives information about the family and wealth of the individual. The strength of this house decides how good his family and wealth of a person would be.

The second house represents the native's Wealth, family, speech, eating habits, taste, status or self-esteem, death, face, eyes, nose, nails, teeth, tongue. You must have seen people are working very hard and earning a good amount of money, but their expenses are too high which further leads to no bank balance. This house is very important when we talk about the savings of any person.

What is Rahu in Astrology ? 

Characteristics which best describes Rahu are : intuition, insight, inspiration, imagination, ingenuity, originality, novelty, independence, confusion of feelings, uncertainty, flight from reality, nervousness and psychosis,illusion and delusion, alcohol and drug addiction. Rahu can mean epidemic diseases, hysteria, insanity, or issue. In family relations, it denotes the grandmother and grandfather on the mother's side. Rahu is eccentric and impulsive.

Rahu is associated with sleight of hand and manipulation; activities related to overseas,immigration, foreign countries, chemical, work with alcohol and poisons and harmful substances,participation in illegal activities, involvement in occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena.

Different names which are given to Rahu in the Vedic texts - terrible, snake, head,fierce, fearsome, blue, black, having fangs, having half a body, with a smoky head. Its face is black with a smoky tint.

Rahu in the second house of the birth chart & general characteristics: 

Placement of Rahu in the second house is negative for finances and native live a life with very difficult time till thirty-five years of age. Such natives will get wealth from Rahu but not before the age of thirty-five. Such natives find difficulty to get a fixed source of income which makes the mind restless. Such natives suffer from teen pain in childhood and also after the age of sixty's. Such natives are very liar and they lie to others in such a way that others can't even judge them. Such natives if born in a vegetarian family who don't drink, but such a native who has Rahu in the second house will drink alcohol and also eat nonvegetarian maybe once in his lifetime.  

When Rahu in 2nd house of birth chart,such natives are argumentative and say anything on others' faces due to which such persons are not liked in society and not even at their own home.

Such natives have chances to go abroad and earn from foreign. If they don't go foreign and invest in foreign companies such as natives get good results. Children of such natives do very well in their education. 

Rahu in the second house and career : 

Persons who have Rahu in the 2nd house may have little damage or stress in career. Such persons may do exceptionally well in the field of coaching,guidance,counsellor,yoga instructor, Zumba instructor or health dietician. 

If Rahu is favourably-placed in your 2nd house then such person may become good sales person,public speaker,leader,lawyer and may have knowledge of several languages. 

If Rahu is negatively placed then such person may involve in illegal activities ,speculation,share trading,can earn more profit through investments in the stock ******.  

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Rahu in second house and marriage / married life : 

The 2nd house placement of Rahu may not provide good results in terms of your marriage. Your life partner may not remain faithful to you. You two may lack trust, loyalty and honesty, which can create large gaps in your understanding. Natives with this placement may find their partner cheating on them. You may see the entry of a new person into your love relationship.

Your love partner may betray you as they may crave sexual pleasure with an outsider. This could be the worst position of Rahu in terms of your marriage relationship. Also, you may have speech issues which means your words may hurt your partner. Rahu in second house marriage life could be filled up with sadness, anxiety and depression.

Rahu in second house negative impacts : 

  • Such person may stammer and face speech related issues.
  • Such person speech or words may create trouble in personal and professional life.
  • Such person may face lot of stress with relatives.
  • Such person may separate from family at early stage of life.
  • Such person may face hardship in career. 
  • Such person may face huge losses in speculative business.
  • Such person may face imprisonment due to involvement in illegal activities.
  • Such person may face depression issues in life.

Rahu in second house positive impacts:

  • Such person may have mastery over multiple languages.
  • Such person may be very good sales person.
  • Such a person will be rich and wealthy.
  • Such a person may become great politician.
  • Such a person may have contact with higher authorities.
  • Such a person may achieve some higher position in job or business. 
  • Such a person may be a great public speaker.
  • Such person may be very popular in his / her relatives and friends.

Remedies of Rahu placed in the second house of the birth chart : 

1. Such a native should give full respect to the mother. 

2. Such native should keep the yellow cloth in their pocket and also wear yellow thread on the wrist. 

3. Such native can keep a pet dog at home or feed a dog daily. 

4. Such a native can donate yellow pulses to any poor person on Thursday.

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