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I am having this axis and also faced the mahadasha period of Rahu, I will let you know in details what will happen to the native of this axis : 

Rahu in sixth house of birth chart : 

What does the sixth house of * birth chart indicate: This house represents the native's enemy, debt, disease, accident, injury, competition, maternal relations, lower abdomen, intestine, and surgical operation. 

Rahu in the sixth house represents good health of native and gives him good strength to fight with situations. This helps him to move forward and win the situations where there is * competition like interviews for job and competitive exams. It helps the natives to repay the loans easily. 

Such natives feel happier by serving others and are less concern about themselves. It also made the native think in many different directions about his career and don't give the native peace of mind in this aspect and native becomes * daydreamer which is * very serious aspect of this placement especially during its mahadasha. The placement of rahu in the sixth house makes the native workaholic and obsessed with work. He doesn't give priority to his family or even himself when it comes to working. Such * native becomes very practical in life as this placement is of work and learning to improve with his efforts. 

If Rahu in the sixth house then during mahadasha of Rahu native will face huge confusion in mind, if he is studying in the college or doing * job he will leave one job or college and will keep trying new ideas in life. This is * very critical period or experience of Rahu due to which native will suffer his career and keep repenting about this lost period in the future. During the antardasha of Sun or Moon relation with mother and father will become very poor. He will even leave the house and keep staying away from his mother and father.  He will always think of making money by one mean or the other with no proper direction.  The native in this mahadasha is directionless. 

Health: Due to high instability in mind during mahadasha of Rahu native may suffer intestinal problems, as during this period his body will be more acidic due to * sleepless night and mental tensions about his/ her career. So, the natives need to take serious care about his abdomen who has suffered the mahadasha of Rahu. 

Overall this placement of Rahu made him highly experience in life as it forces the native to do various experiments on self. This placement teaches the native about the reality of materialism which the native loose due to the Ketu placement in the twelfth house. 

Ketu in twelfth house of birth chart : 

What does the twelfth house of the birth chart indicate: This house represents the native's expenditure, separation, loss, sleep, confinement, hospitalization, foreign, renunciation, mental balance, feet, and eyes. 

The twelfth house is pakka ( strong ) house ketu, as ketu ultimate goal is just opposite of Rahu. Ketu detaches the individual from the materialistic world and this house represents the same. So, if someone wants to take renunciation ( moksha)  then this placement is the best placement. If ketu mahadasha comes during the sixty's of such native then such native will leave his house or if he will remain in the materialistic world then this mahadasha brings him mental torture by making huge losses in business, his savings and whatever source of earning the native have during this period he will lose everything. You must have seen that many people who are highly educated but suddenly leave everything and decide to live * secluded life. This house and ketu play * very important role in this aspect. 

Such natives have * spiritual bent of mind and their actions are driven towards enlightenment which is the ultimate aim of human life. Such natives are not comfortable in social gatherings and try to avoid such gatherings. Such natives enjoy secluded life.  This placement also gives positive results if the native wants to settle abroad. Ketu in the twelfth house rises in expenses of the native. 

This house is the house of secrets and things hidden. Problematic areas of this house are addictions, overwhelming feelings, and unseen health problems.

Placement of Ketu in the twelfth house gives native deep interest in the unconscious, human psychology, forensic science, detective work, secrets, mysterious, astrology, tantra-mantra and other mysteries in life are interesting to them. Such natives are not what they seem as interpreted in other’s eyes, taking things to heart, very shy at * core level; deeply sensitive and being ultra-emotional. The ultimate goal of ketu in placement in the twelfth house is to face the darkness of life and use it as * catalyst to attain enlightenment. 

Sachin Sharmaa,

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