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What is Vedic Astrology ? 

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Have you ever think about the following questions : 

1. How in the same house one brother is at very high position and other is striving for daily needs ? 

2. Why someone is suffering from diseases all the time ? 

3. Why one person is working hard to achieve results but not getting the result however on the other side a person who hardly work got better result in every phase of life ? 

4. Why children of very highly education background are unable to study properly , whereas a child whose parents are uneducated reach on top ? 

5. Why a person keep on hard work will reach to peak suddenly at a particular period of life may after the age of 60  ? 

All these answers are available in astrology.

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the science of the effects of planetary movements on our lives. Once the correct positions of the signs and planets are known to astrologer he/ she can construct charts representing these positions. On the basis of knowledge of astrologer he / she can study the charts and can make a wide range of conclusions about the moment the chart was cast for. Primarily, astrology is used to understand one's self and our karma for this life.

Astrology is believed to be had its origin during the 2nd millennium BC was the period of ancient Babylonians.  The Egypt's were the early people to follow the Babylonian principles of astrology as early as the 1st century BC .  The Greeks started following the Babylonian astrology during the mid 4th century BC.  The principles of astrology along with its different methods came up after the Babylonians started following the celestial omens(interpretation of planetary movements) . Later on this method spread globally in different other parts of the world like Asia,India,China Europe, Greece and the Middle East. 

Apart from all this it also played a major role in the revolution of science by developing different fields like astronomy, mathematics, medicine and psychology. The early records regarding the movements of the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars was got from astronomoy, influenced by astrology. Astrology and astronomy had most of the things in similar.

Sage Parashara who is believed to be the founder of Vedic astrology did a lot of detailed studies regarding this and finally inferred with the Hindu astrology.

1. Astrology is NOT Superstition – It is Mathematics

Astrology is the time-tested wisdom of the ancient scriptures. Neither tt is superstition nor it is baseless. It is a tested and innumerable times proven faith and subject, which has a mathematical basis. The Kundalis or Horoscopes are created as per mathematical calculations and geometric patterns, and have strong mathematical basis.<br> 

Astrology is a subject, which is taught and instructed in some of the biggest universities across the world.  

2. It is a Lifesaver!

How? Because, it lets you know of the future glitches, hurdles and obstacles, well in advance. So,if you have knowledge about astrology then you know when to work hard to get best result in life and when to take precautions. 

You can simply gain the knowledge of astrology by reading books and precautions suggested in a reading, and save yourself from a lot of pain, without doing much. For example, if your Astrological reading says that you need to be careful during a period and no need to invest anywhere else there will be a loss , then refrain yourself from such activity you really don't stand to lose anything. Do you?  

3. It is all about YOU! 

...and like nothing else. Your Horoscope is like a blue print, a road-map of your life – that got created, precisely at the time you were born. So, it is as unique as your finger-prints are. Each planet's placement in your Chart/ Horoscope reveals so much about your personality, characteristics, nature and destiny. 

4. It is Progressive and let you know to move ahead with changing times!</b>

Since Astrology takes into account two major aspects – your Birth Potential (that is revealed through your Birth Chart – or something like a Life Predictions Reading) and the effects of the Transiting Planets on your Personal Horoscope/s, the ongoing Dashas/ Planetary Periods applicable for you – it is not uni-dimensional. It does not restrict you, but has an inherent message that with changing times, things change; and, what we may not have since birth, may be presented to as an opportunities by life and planets, as you move ahead in life.

5 It can help you choose and make a good, happy work-life.

It is such a clear and honest guide (if you meet and see a good and well read Astrology practitioner), it can clearly tell you what career and education path should you follow to make a successful and contended life. 

Sachin Sharma,

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