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Let us first understand what the third house represents: This house represents the native's courage and valor, hobbies, younger coborns, mode of death, communication, neighbors, short journey, ear, neck, shoulders, physical growth. You must have seen a few people are very courageous and don't afraid of anything and on the contrary, few are very timid kind of personality. This house plays a very important role in such cases. 

Rahu in the third house of the birth chart: This is one of the best places of Rahu in the birth chart. Such natives are bold, courageous and don't get afraid of the situation easily. Such natives are audacious and express their thoughts clearly to others. Such natives got privileged in the field where voice is important like leaders, radio jockey, journalists, media, advertising.  Such natives become great leaders and great religious preachers who can make a huge number of followers. 

Such natives during the Rahu mahadasha run after money like anything and Rahu takes such natives in the field of share trading, financial consulting, interior designing, medicine manufacturing, and such natives make huge money during Rahu mahadasha. Such natives are a very good negotiator and excellent in liasoning due to which they make very good relationship with people who have high authority in the government sector. 

Such natives also get benefit from brothers and sisters. Such natives also believe in religion and normally don't do any task which is not acceptable to their inner soul. Such natives don't cheat on others and are ready to help others also. 

Sachin Sharmaa,

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