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Rahu in third house,Rahu in 3rd house,Rahu in 3rd house of birth chart

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Rahu in the 3rd house,Rahu in third house of birth chart,Best Remedies when Rahu in 3rd house

In this blog, we will discuss the impact of Rahu in the Third house. Also, Let’s see how will the placement of Rahu affect health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

Let's first understand what is the Third house of the birth chart?

The 3rd house is also known as the horoscope's house of courage, communication, and younger siblings. This is the first house of Kama trikon (lust). Thus, it also shows our basic inclinations. The natural owner of this house is Mercury with the symbol of a pair symbolising mates of either gender. This house also shows our immediate neighbours. It also shows interest or proficiency in gossip or media-related knowledge.  It can give information about the neighbours of an individual and his relationship with them. Body wise the 3rd house represents the neck area, arms, collar bone upper chest and ears. The natural owner of this house is Mercury which is known for its representation of curiosity to learn new pieces of knowledge. This house also tells about local travels and transfers in jobs.  The writing of a person can also be seen getting affected by this house since it represents the arms for control and mercury for writing communication.

3rd house gives information about the ability to write well. This house of courage since it is a Kama trikon house, it gives/shows the competitive spirit. For the same reason, as it is the house of courage, it shows the first learnings of an individual. 

The planetary positions of planets placed in the 3rd house would impact the short travels, a person’s physical strength, and impact on luck as well.

What is Rahu in Astrology ? 

Characteristics which best describes Rahu are : intuition, insight, inspiration, imagination, ingenuity, originality, novelty, independence, confusion of feelings, uncertainty, flight from reality, nervousness and psychosis,illusion and delusion, alcohol and drug addiction. Rahu can mean epidemic diseases, hysteria, insanity, or issue. In family relations, it denotes the grandmother and grandfather on the mother's side. Rahu is eccentric and impulsive.

Rahu is associated with sleight of hand and manipulation; activities related to overseas,immigration, foreign countries, chemical, work with alcohol and poisons and harmful substances,participation in illegal activities, involvement in occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena. Different names which are given to Rahu in the Vedic texts - terrible, snake, head,fierce, fearsome, blue, black, having fangs, having half a body, with a smoky head. Its face is black with a smoky tint.

Rahu is in 3rd house of birth chart and its general charaterstics: :

Rahu in the third house of the birth chart: This is one of the best places of Rahu in the birth chart. Such natives are bold, courageous and don't get afraid of the situation easily. Such natives are audacious and express their thoughts clearly to others. Such natives got privileged in the field where voice is important like leaders, radio jockey, journalists, media, advertising.  Such natives become great leaders and great religious preachers who can make a huge number of followers. 

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Such natives during the Rahu mahadasha run after money like anything and Rahu takes such natives in the field of share trading, financial consulting, interior designing, medicine manufacturing, and such natives make huge money during Rahu mahadasha. Such natives are a very good negotiator and excellent in liasoning due to which they make very good relationship with people who have high authority in the government sector. 

Such natives also get benefit from brothers and sisters. Such natives also believe in religion and normally don't do any task which is not acceptable to their inner soul. Such natives don't cheat on others and are ready to help others also.  Facing losses in your business , instability in career: write to us [email protected]

Rahu in third house and career :

The 3rd house Rahu is one of the best position, it may guide you to the right path in your career. You may become more workholic and dedicated to your work. It will force you to chase your career goals. This placement of Rahu in the third house will make person good knowledgeable and intelligent to tackle career-related hurdles in your life.  Career which will suit such person will be : politician,public speaker,finance,chemical industry,import export, interior designing, journalism, writing, or literature. This placement of Rahu will make the native a very good businessman as well. 

Rahu in third house and marriage / married life : 

When Rahu in third house, person may have minor issues with spouse. It may create some ego clashes and huge misunderstandings. Placement of Rahu in 3rd house may also harm person's spouse’s health. Person's partner may suffer from disease like mental stress,insomnia,depression, or high blood pressure. For women, they may face health troubles during the first progeny.

There are also chances that such person may have multiple partners before and after marriage. 

Rahu in third house negative impacts : 

  • Such person may have harsh speech.
  • May create evil thoughts in the person mind.
  • Such person may have secluded life.
  • Such person may face health related issues throughout life. 
  • Such person may face predicaments in education.
  • Such person may face injuries and minor accidents.
  • Such person may be in some transferrable job or he may get opportunities abroad.
  • Such person may face difficulties related to child education.
  • Such a person may be suspicious in nature.

Rahu in third house positive impacts:

  • Such a person will have strong convincing power.
  • Such a person will get fame related to media work or may be related to fashion industry.
  • Such a person have hunger to attain maximum capital or to attain peak in career. 
  • Such a person may be a good famous astrologer.
  • It may show interest in spiritual and educational matters. 
  • This placement also points to gains from siblings, journeys, writings and publications. 
  • Also, the natives are intelligent, optimistic and valorous. 
  • The natives have will enjoy good fortune and will be long-lived.

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Remedies of Rahu placed in the third house of the birth chart :

  1. Refrain from contacting things made of ivory
  2. Develop sweet relations with siblings
  3. You should not take electronic gadgets from others as gift.
  4. Drop 400gms coriander and almonds in flowing water.

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