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What does Raj Yoga in Birth Chart Signify?

Every person on earth wants to live * happy life, * rich life, * life in harmony,  * peaceful life. But it all depends on the planets how they are placed in your birth chart which brings you harmony and peace in your life. With the help of Yoga's in astrology, one can easily assess the amount of happiness and the best period in one's life that * particular period brings huge prosperity and happiness in native life. 

As per Vedic astrology, there are various types of Raj yoga exists in the birth chart of * native which indicates there growth in professional front, financial growth, income, personal and married life. There are certain mahadasha at the particular period during the life of * native which brings this Raj yoga in the native life. 

What is Raj Yoga ? 

It is * special type of yoga formed by the placement of planets in particular houses and it is also important that the planet which is forming * raj yoga should not be afflicted by any other planet in the birth chart. 

Different types of Raj yoga are as follows : 

(1) Vipreet Raj Yoga: This type of Raj yoga is formed when the lord of the sixth house is in the eighth house and the lord of the eighth house is in the sixth house. Such placement gives the native immense joy and prosperity in life. It is to be noted that in astrology if the inauspicious planets are placed in inauspicious houses then they loose their malefic nature. 

(2) Kendra Trikon Raj Yoga: When the ascendant has the combination with the lord of Kendra or triangular house then Kendra Trikon Raj yoga is formed. Any native who has this combination will enjoy good fortune, wealth, prosperity and fame. 

(3) Neechbhang Raj Yoga  : This Raj yoga is formed when * debilitated planet is placed in the house of lord of exalted planet and that exalted planet is aspecting that house in which debilitated planet is placed, that means the lord of that house is aspecting its own house from somewhere else which is in exalted state, neechbhang raj yoga is formed. 

(4) Rajya Poojit Raj Yoga : 

This type of Raj yoga is seen in the birth chart of the female. If * female has this Raj yoga in her birth chart then her husband will be * very respectful person in society and wealthy. This Raj Yoga is formed if the seventh house of the birth chart of the female is occupied with some auspicious planet or some auspicious planet is aspecting seventh house such Raj yoga is formed. 

Following are some other placement of planets which makes strong Raj yogas in the native birth chart : 

1. If the lord of the ninth house ( which is the house of fortune ) and the lord of the tenth house ( which is * house of career ) interchange their position with one another or are placed with each other in some beneficial house. Such Raj yoga will give the native huge career growth, professional benefits, and finances. 

2. If the lord of the fifth house ( which is * house of education, intelligence, gains, and love) and lord of ninth house ( which is the house of luck ) interchange their position or placed in each other's house then this Raj yoga is formed. Such natives will enjoy stability in * career, * huge achievement in professional front, and enjoy good financial conditions. 

3. If Jupiter is placed in the first house ( which is the house of personality ) of any native's birth chart, then such * placement of exalted Jupiter gives huge success to native and stability in all aspects of life whether it is finance, education, and career. 

4. When Sun or Mars ( or both ) are placed in the tenth house which is * house of career then such natives will enjoy huge career growth, stable financial position, and success in life. 

5.  If the lord of the eleventh house ( house of income) and the lord of second house ( house of savings) interchange their position then Raj yoga is formed. Such natives will enjoy financial stability in life with * huge bank balance throughout life. 

6. If the lord of ninth house is placed in the ninth house itself then Raj yoga is formed and such * native will enjoy * stable career and achieve the maximum in his career/business. 

All the above Raj yoga works during * specific period or mahadasha of those planets which are responsible for such Raj yoga.  For example: if venus is making * raj yoga in * native's birth chart and mahadasha of Venus is already gone in the life of native or it is too late in the life of native then such Raj yoga will not beneficial for the native. However, the antardasha of Venus in mahadasha of any other planet will bring good fortune to such natives. 

Other factors should be analyzed while calculating Raj yoga for any native so to know exactly about the Raj yoga or period which will be beneficial for you, native should consult * knowledgeable astrologer. 

Sachin Sharmaa,

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