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Saturn in the 7th house,Saturn in seventh house of birth chart,Best Remedies when Saturn in 7th house

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Saturn in the 7th house,Saturn in seventh house of birth chart,Best Remedies when Saturn in 7th house

In this blog, we will discuss the impact of  Saturn in 7th house of birth chart. How will this placement of Saturn affect health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies?

Let's first understand about 7th house of birth chart : 

The seventh house is all about partnerships.Seventh house of birth chart, the seventh house tells about your business partneship,marriage outlooks,married life & committed relationships.  We can also see business growth from seventh house and at the same time, the seventh house is the house of open enemies. If this house is in a good condition, such person can do well in professions that involve working with the public.

Now let us understand what Saturn is in Astrology ?

Saturn, which is also known as the “planet of karma,” plays a vital role in shaping the natives’ life and endowing them with longevity,wealth, stardom and discipline.  People generally have a sense of fear about Saturn,however Saturn is not the reason of losses but it has the tendency to take extreme test in any Such person's life where most of the people got disappointed. Saturn is well- known for its malefic influence on persons’ life, but when placed in a good sign, it gives very good and positive impacts. 

According to Vedic astrology, Saturn plays very important role in anySuch person's life and its transit plays extremely important role related to career. It impacts the natives’ life both positively and negatively.In other words we can say that Saturn is that power, that force, which can make the native either rise very high or fall steep down, depending on the nature of Saturn’s placement in the 7th house.

Significance of Saturn in the Seventh House

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Saturn in the seventh house signifies confinements, actual limits,  and delays in a native’s life. When Saturn comes into the seventh house, it will impact that house properties such as it delays the marriage of the native and such a person may also get a mature partner.  Such natives may start judging themselves very quickly and it leads to a disciplined,detailed,  and orderly life for the native. Such persons may also expect that his / her partner or people around them  will also be as discipliened as he / she himself. 

However, if Saturn is debilitated or aspected by some malefic planet, then such a person will self-destruct themselves, leading to procrastination and laziness.

When Saturn in 7th house : Marriage / Married Life : 

Saturn represents maturity, and it puts discipline in the marriage . When Saturn is in 7th house, then such a person dont enjoy marriage however, they consider marriage as responsibility or burden but Saturn, in an excellent planetary position, does bring a well-committed dignity and balance into the relationship. Saturn in the right placement of house can bring a good amount of support, love, affection, understanding, maturity and compatibility with partner in a relationship for the native. On the other hand if Saturn is not placed well in the 7th house then natives could lose interest in relationships and may take divorce from such marriage. 

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The placement of Saturn in the 7th house may cast a malefic influence on the natives’ relationship. However, in some situations, Saturn in the 7th house may influence the natives’ married life adversely. Such persons may lack in taking decision to whom they should marry or may face a dilemma in choosing their life partners.

 There may be fights between the partners, they may become impatient, not listen to each others’ opinions. They may lose their sense of responsibility and may not take care of their partner.

When Saturn in 7th house : Career : 

Such person will prosper in the work of imported goods,teacher, a principal, a mathematician, or related to educational matters,coal,iron,petro chemical industry , contractor and mining.

When Saturn in 7th house : Health : 

Such person may suffer from venereal disease. Such person may suffer from long-lasting ailments related to the stomach and urinary system.

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When Saturn in 7th house : Positive Side / Impact : 

  • Placement of Saturn in 7th house, makes the person less talkative and never back off to argue against injustice.Such persons may experience major gains in business. 
  • Such persons exhibit the virtues of trust,faith and loyalty to others. Such persons has the capability to change the game that means,when it comes to developments in business then can build big companies or may also become the CEO of some big organization. 
  • Some of the key positive results of Saturn in the 7th house are : 
  • Such person will marry once.
  • Such person’s spouse may live longer than him.
  • There is affection between the couple despite verbal arguments.
  • Such person acquires a very good spouse.
  • There may be fluctuations in business, in service, and changes may continue in Such person’s 35th year.
  • Such person will make good progress and will become fortunate in the 36th to 42nd year.
  • Marriage may result in a gain of wealth and property.
  • Occasionally, this position of Saturn signifies that Such person may be an adopted child.

When Saturn in 7th house : Negative Side / Impact : 

  • Negatively placed Saturn, such natives may experience immense sorrow and pain.Saturn in the 7th house may ruin the relationship of the natives and their life partner. 
  • Such person may suffer separation or loss of a spouse.
  • Such person may suffer from ailments and have a weak body,may not have a firm mind,may be poor,tired,may have a bad stride, may not speak much, and may be foolish and dominated by others.
  • Such person may be unenthusiastic, unhappy, depressed, disappointed, and may not speak a lot,very weak, may not have a lively mind, and may suffer from many ailments.
  • Such person may lose his spouse and may remarry.
  • Such person may be handicapped, fraudulent, and may cheat his friends.
  • Such person may appear older than his age.
  • Such person may be attracted towards characterless people,may visit prostitutes and opposite *** may not respect this person.
  • Such person may be unsuccessful in legal and court matters.

Note : The degree of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness will depend upon the complete analysis of the horoscope (Birth-Chart).

Conclusion : 

When Saturn is placed well in 7th house , then such persons experience a happy life,are wealthy,good status,position in society. However, because of its malefic nature, Saturn may bring adversities in the life of individuals, particularly in their married life. Moreover, the karmic influence of Saturn keeps the natives on the toes and he / she may be too workholic which makes them difficult to balance work-life.

Such persons does not know how to distinguish between the boundaries of his / her  own and other people's interests, he considers himself obliged for everything.

As a result, it exhausts him / her very much, even leading to burden on brain or too much pressure on brain which may le

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