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Ekadashi Fasting advantages,Benefit of doing ekadashi fasting,what are advantages of ekadashi fasting

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Ekadashi Fasting advantages,Benefit of doing ekadashi fasting,what are advantages of ekadashi fasting

In this blog we will discuss what are the advantages of doing ekadashi fasting and who can do this fasting ?

Ekadashi falls once in every 15 days (the day after full moon and new moon). Moon plays very important role in our life,it is the karaka of our emotions,mental stress,health and liquid in our body. If moon is not placed well in the birth chart then such a person may face depression and diseases in life. 

On Ekadashi,this is the time when impact of moon is at the highest on our body and the body goes through a special cycle. In other words, this is the time when our body does not have any special need for food or we can say at this time requirement of food in our body is less in comparison to other days . During this period our body wants to be light and pure . This is the perfect time when we can energize our body. 

Advantages of doing Ekadashi fasting : 

1. A person facing sad memories. 

2. It protects agains many incurable diseases. 

3. Increase the age of the person. 

4. Enhance the imunity of the body. 

5. It enhances the person physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health . 

6. It will save you from sudden accidents.

7. It will reduce the stress in married life.

8. It will enhance your savings and reduce your expenses on diseases etc.

9. It will sharpen your memory.

10. It will enhance concentration and also enhance decision making power. 

11. If moon is not favourable in your birth chart,then this fasting will be very helpful in reducing the negative effects of moon.

12. It will remove the instability in career.

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