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What are the results of Saturn and Ketu conjunction?

Lets first understand what Saturn and Ketu are : 

Saturn is the planet of career, growth, hard work,  patience, stability. 

Ketu represents seclusion, keep native away from worldly desires, moksha, instability in mind, losses in finances, the reason for sorrow. 

The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu : If the degrees of Saturn and Ketu are very close between 10 to 15 degrees or degree of Ketu is between 10-15 degrees and Saturn degree is either less than 5 degrees or above 22 degrees, then this conjunction will give the following results in different houses : 

1. First house: As this house represents your personality, body, fame, self, honor, peace of mind, health, longevity, stamina. So, this combination will affect on all these aspects, you will lose your stamina, your personality will be timid, there will be no peace of mind and overall this combination will give negative results. 

2. Second house: This house represents the native wealth, speech, eating habits, eyes. So, due to this combination, the native will not think seriously about his wealth. His speech will be harsh and he may have problems with eyes as well. Native won't be able to save money for the future or you can say this combination won't allow native to think about the future. 

3. Third House: This house represents the native's courage and valor, hobbies, younger coborns.The conjunction of Saturn with Ketu will force the natives to avoid their younger brother and sister. Such natives will not show any responsibility towards their younger brothers and sisters. Such native avoids social gathering and also avoid where they need to communicate to resolve the issue.  This conjunction will not allow native to take the bold decision like to quit the job to do * start-up. If such * native thinks about that but won't have that courage to take * further step to start his own business. 

4. Fourth House: This house represents mother, house, land, vehicles. So the conjunction of Ketu with Saturn cause accidents with vehicles. The native may face electricity current at house and native will not have cordial relations with the mother. Such * native will not bother about family and will not interfere in any family matter. Such * native tries to avoid every family matter. If * native has such combination and native has his own ancestors land, such native will not take any interest in construction on this land. 

5. Fifth House: This house represents the native's progeny, intelligence, mantra siddhi, speculation, learning, writing, heart, upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, mental illness or soundness. The conjunction of ketu with Saturn will dealy with the progeny of such natives. This also hampers the growth of the brain and such native will face liver problems, restlessness, instability in mind and heart attack.  

6. Sixth House: This house represents the native's enemy, debt, disease, accident, injury, competition, maternal relations, servants, lower abdomen, intestine, surgical operation. The conjunction of Ketu with Saturn in the sixth house will increase the hidden enemies of native, this will increase the diseases of such natives, chances of an accident are increased, native will get quick injuries, the native may face serious intestinal problems which require surgery in * later stage. 

7. Seventh House: This house represents the native's spouse, partner, marriage, passion, status, urinary tract, semen. Saturn alone can cause delay in marriage in this house, so conjunction of Saturn with Ketu in this house cause some serious damage in marriage of native, such native will face huge losses in partnership business, partnership business will not be fruitful to such native, such natives will get married late or will not get married if mahadasha of Saturn or Ketu will come during the time of marriage period of such native. 

8. Eighth House: This house represents the native's longevity, death, obstacles, suddenness, unexpected gains or losses, inheritance, hidden talents, incurable diseases, external genital and mental anguish. The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in this house can cause sudden death of such natives, huge obstacles in life which will be very hard to remove, rise to incurable diseases like cancer, huge mental distress. Overall this combination in this house is * very bad combination when we talk about health and life span. 

9. Ninth House: This house represents the native's religious inclination, father, guru, pilgrimages, long journey, charity, fame and fortune, temples, hips, and thighs. The conjunction of Saturn with Ketu will deteriorate the relation of native with father, will incline the mind towards God by leaving every responsibility of life. This combination in this house increases the native's inclination towards religious activities. 

10. Tenth House: This house represents the native's profession, karmas, source of livelihood, business, power, sacred and religious deeds, and duties. The conjunction of Saturn with Ketu will destroy this house. This house is * career, business, and future of any native. Such native will never settle in their career and unable to focus on one job/business. Mahadasha of Saturn or Ketu will destroy the career/job/ business of such * native.  

11. Eleventh House: This house represents the native's gains of all material things, income, the fulfillment of desires, reward and punishment, elder coborn, legs, ear and recovery from diseases. The conjunction of Saturn with Ketu destroy all income sources of such native and such native will not have any desire to earn money or grow his wealth especially in antardasha or mahadasha of Saturn / Ketu. Such natives won't give respect to their elder brother's or sisters. 

12. Twelfth House: This house represents the native's expenditure, separation, loss, sleep, confinement, hospitalization, foreign, renunciation, mental balance, feet, and eyes. The conjunction of Ketu and Saturn in this house will increase the expenditure of such natives. Chances of separation from family may increase either due to job / mental imbalance. Such natives may face hospitalization, foreign settlement, confinement. 

Sachin Sharmaa,

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