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Mars in 4th house,Mars in fourth house,Mars in 4th house of birht chart,Mars in 4th house remedies

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Mars in 4th house,Mars in fourth house,Mars in 4th house of birth chart,Mars in 4th house remedies

In this blog, we will discuss the impact of mars in the Fourth house. Also, Let’s see how the placement of Mars affects health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

What is the Fourth house of the birth chart?

The 4th house is also known as the horoscope's house of mother, emotions, happiness, home/house, and comfort. This is the first house of Moksha trikon (Nirvana/Salvation). It also shows our basic emotions and connections with one’s mother or motherland as well. The natural owner of this house is the Moon. The symbol is a crab symbolising that emotions don’t necessarily go straight like the walk of a crab. This house tells about the ability of a person to have a house or not, whether the person will have the luck to make/buy their own house/property. The beauty of a person’s house is also seen with this house and various planet’s placement.
4th house gives information about the values that you have as that is the house of the mother and the mother is the one person who imparts values to a child first in this life. The planetary positions of planets placed in the 4th house would impact the kind of house or vehicle comfort would get.
Body parts denoted by this house are the chest, breasts, lungs and stomach.
This house is very commonly known as the sukh bhav or maatru bhav in Sanskrit as it gives information about the happiness and cultural knowledge of a person.

What is Mars in Astrology?  

Mars is a fiery planet in astrology. It is also known as the commander-in-chief of the divine army. Mars is the energy of a person/horoscope. Mars is the owner of two very important houses in astrology. The first house i.e.; the house of birth and the 8th house i.e.; the house of death. Mars is the planet that gives the energy and confidence to any and every person to do something. It is the primary planet which can be associated with physical and competitive activities of any type.
Mars shows the daring attitude or nature of a person. It also shows sexual desire which is primarily physical in nature. Since it is known as the army chief it shows the fighting spirit or competitive spirit of an individual.
Since it owns the very houses of life and death that is the first house and eighth house. It carries the abilities of both types i.e. the ability to confront that could be associated with the first house which is visible to the whole world or conniving/deceiving/camouflaging abilities associated with that of the 8th house.
Its vimshottari dasha can also be called Mangal mahadasha. It rules for 7 years of one’s life. Depending upon the placement and friendship with other planets mars gives its benefic or malefic effects.
During the mars Dasha if positive a sportsman can achieve greater goals and break records. During the same dasha for another individual one could suffer from Mars-related matters like land, blood, fights police cases etc…

Mars is in the 4th house of the birth chart General characteristics:


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According to Vedic astrology placement of Mars in the 4th house means it is in debilitation. This means that Mars is not in a comfortable position here as it is a watery house and Mars is a fiery planet so which means water will be boiling.
Such individuals can have emotional restlessness like water is boiling. This placement of Mars also comes as Manglik. It gives its 4th aspect to the 7th house thus directly affecting the married life of a person. As Mars denotes desire and the 4th denotes comfort, these individuals have their focus on property, wealth, and comforts in life.  They are generally very hard-working individuals as to get comfort all the energy of mars has to go into achieving the comforts that it directs the individual toward. Since this is the original place of a feminine planet, Mars here likes to get attached to females for emotional support.
Since it aspects the 10th house through its 7th aspect such individuals could likely be interested in joining the uniformed forces. Also, since 4th relates to house or property with other planets’ combinations they could like to get into business related to the property business even if it is construction, renting or buying/selling as a profession.
This placement could also mean unexpected gains as well since the 11th house of wish fulfilment is also aspected by the 8th aspect of Mars.
This could be a good placement for a property dealer, construction engineer or uniformed forces personnel. Such individuals should always speak very respectfully with their mother or motherly figures and partners for it could otherwise create more emotional restlessness for them.

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Mars is in the 4th House of birth chart and career:

Mars in the 4th house will make a person focused on achieving the comforts and lavishness of life. It will want to get very homely treatment from the spouse or business partners as well. Even in their workplace, they would like to get a very peaceful home-like environment in an ideal case.
Stress from the 10th house that overall work of one’s life could make them weak and lose the peace that they crave owing to the very nature of this house.
A good-placed Mars here would make a very competitive person and could make a very amicable partner with the right partner as this individual is also very high in vigour and needs an equally suitable partner/business partner.
If Mars is with Malefic effects from other Malefic planets then this could make an individual self-destructive as well. They could lose money through haste in property matters. A Good planet’s aspect on Mars will make one grow in one’s job or business as well and help in great earnings. 

Mars is in the 4th house of birth chart and Marriage /Married life:

Since Mars is in the fourth house in Vedic astrology which is also the original house of the moon, it also makes an individual Manglik. Their partnership also will be good only if they behave well with their partner and do not compete with them. If they work well with their partner they could end up having good earnings as Mars aspects the 7th house as well as the 11th house of the horoscope. The self-destructive tendencies bought about by this kind of placement, especially when in a watery zodiac sign can be at times bad for the partnership.

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Mars is in the 4th house of birth chart and Health:



When Mars is the 4th house with good dignity and getting aspects from benefic planets then that individual could have good physical strength and strong lungs. If there are afflictions to the Mars then the person could suffer from lung-related issues. 4th house also governs the chest area as well so blood circulation-related issues could be seen. People who have to get stunt implants would have the 4th house afflicted along with mars at that time of their life.


Mars is in the 4th House of birth chart and Positive impact:

  • Native has good physical strength, especially strong lungs.
  • Natives are focussed on achieving material success and keen to get a place for themselves they can call home.
  • Such people are good at talking very nicely with mothers and their female partners.
  • Such people could have a good career in uniformed forces.
  • Such people are brave and ready to fight for their motherland and ready to protect their friends and business at all costs.
  • There is a lot of emotional learning involved in this placement of Mars.

Mars is in the 4th House of birth chart and Negative impact:

  • The individual could be over-possessive for their house/property or mother.
  • Such individuals can have broken relationships if they do not speak politely with women in general. They can hurt their friends and partners with their directness and harshness.
  • Some may suffer from lung-related issues.
  • Some individuals could get a medical stunt in their heart at the time when the transit is not good along with not very favourable dasha.
  • A badly afflicted Mars could give make one lose property as well or be unable to make a house of their own at all.
  • Negatively afflicted Mars could give self-harming tendencies under emotional duress.

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