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Mars in 5th house,Mars in fifth house,Mars in 5th house and remedies

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Mars in 5th house,Mars in fifth house,Mars in 5th house and remedies

In this blog, let us discuss the impact of mars in the Fifth house. Also, Let’s see how the placement of Mars affects health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.
What is the Fifth house of the birth chart?
The 5th house is also known as the horoscope's house of Children, Creativity, Love, Desires, knowledge, education (Graduation Level), Past life good karmas, fame (as the natural owner is the sun the main reason for fame), followers (since it shows students as well who follow their ideals/leaders, house of your mother’s side (Maternal family), heart ailments, ailments related to below the chest area. The love and creativity of a person are seen as affected by the planets placed here and the fifth lord’s placement in the horoscope. 5th house gives information about a person’s creativity, self-expression, and love-related affairs, it is 3rd from 3rd so it’s higher communication i.e. written communication like that of writing books etc.
Body parts denoted by this house are the area below the chest, upper abdomen, gall bladder, stomach (as the sun owns it naturally and denotes fire as well and digestive fire is what digests the food in the body) and intestines as well.
This house is very commonly known as the sut/santati bhav in Sanskrit as it gives information about a person's happiness from children and one’s cultural knowledge. This is also the mantra house of the horoscope as it gives proficiency/success to one in one or many mantras.
What is Mars in Astrology?  
Mars is a fiery planet in astrology. It is also known as the commander-in-chief of the divine army. Mars is the energy of a person/horoscope. Mars is the owner of two very important houses in astrology. The first house i.e.; the house of birth and the 8th house i.e.; the house of death. Mars is the planet that gives the energy and confidence to any and every person to do something. It is the primary planet associated with any type of physical and competitive activity.
Mars shows the daring attitude or nature of a person. It also shows sexual desire which is primarily physical in nature. Since it is known as the army chief it shows the fighting spirit or competitive spirit of an individual.
Since it owns the very houses of life and death that is the first house and eighth house. It carries the abilities of both types i.e. the ability to confront that could be associated with the first house which is visible to the whole world or conniving/deceiving/camouflaging abilities associated with that of the 8th house. Its vimshottari dasha can also be called Mangal mahadasha. It rules for 7 years of one’s life. Depending upon the placement and friendship with other planets mars gives its benefic or malefic effects.
During the mars Dasha if positive a sportsman can achieve greater goals and break records. During the same dasha for another individual one could suffer from Mars-related matters like land, blood, fights police cases etc…
Mars is in the 5th house of the birth chart General characteristics:

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According to Vedic astrology placement of Mars in the 5th house means a fiery planet placed in a fiery place as houses 1,5 and 9 form the Dharma/Agni trikon in the natural order. It has come out of its debilitation that is out from the 4th into the 5th house.
This Mars has good stamina and energy focused on Creativity, being in the natural house of King makes this Mars generally fearless and daring. Because it is a double fiery position due to the placement and nature of mars it could give the individual mental unrest as well. Since the 5th house is known as the house of children it could also make a person childlike similar to mars in the 3rd house however it acts like a higher frequency as the 5th is 3rd from the 3rd house.
Since its aspects, the 8th house through its 4th aspect such individuals could likely keep secrets or be able to dig out secrets. With the creativity of the 5th house, this Mars could also act as a spy since it is keeping the 8th house safe with its 4th aspect.
This placement could also mean unexpected gains from hidden areas or deaths as insurance money or property/money will left by relatives etc. This could be a good placement for students with good mercury and Jupiter as it will make them study a lot and do lots of research as well. Many times people come out doing eating challenges so they could have this kind of Mars placement which could give them very good digestion to do that challenge.

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Mars is in the 5th House of birth chart and career:
Mars in the 5th house will make a person focused on achieving education, and knowledge. Since this house is also of speculations/desires, ****** trading can also be seen from this house if Mars is in good dignity and supported by other planets for the same.
This at the same time if bad could make one a bad gambler.
These individuals could also enjoy the company of children and work for them as Mars is sitting in the house of children.

Mars is in the 5th house of birth chart and Marriage /Married life:
Since Mars is in the fifth house which is the very house of desires/speculation/creativity. It gives the person a very strong inclination towards the opposite gender.  Generally, such individuals could have fewer children. Their marriage success would depend upon the intensity this Mars gives them of being attracted towards the other gender and their ability to control this strong urge.
They could behave as angry or behave like a stubborn child at times which would be a negative trait for such individuals with their partners.

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Mars is in the 5th house of birth chart and Health:

  • When Mars is the 5th house with good dignity and getting aspects from benefic planets then that individual could have good digestion and these individuals can eat well.
  • If there are afflictions to this Mars they could suffer from heart diseases and upper abdomen area issues like gut/gall bladder.
  • For females, it could give difficulty in childbirth and complications. They could also have to go for caesarean options.
  • Mars is in the 5th House of birth chart and Positive impact:
  • Native has good physical strength, especially strong digestion.
  • Natives are focussed on achieving education and are generally respectful of their teachers.
  • Well-placed Mars with good dignity will give a male child which will be healthy.
  • Such Mars will show love to their affectionate ones like in a real-world and not weave fairy tales.
  • Such individuals will have high energy and a childlike spirit.
  • They will be happy with children and can also take care of children in general as a related profession.

Mars is in the 5th House of birth chart and Negative impact:

  • This could make a person have a very strong urge/inclination towards love relationships at times inappropriate.
  • Negative Mars could create problems with the children. If there are other malefic aspects on the fifth house then it could mean the loss of children as well. Abortions and miscarriages in females.  
  • Such individuals can have broken relationships owing to their indulgence in love affairs with multiple partners.
  • Some may suffer from stomach/digestion-related issues(ulcers)
  • Medical surgeries cannot be denied if Mars is not in good dignity.
  • A badly afflicted Mars could give make one less sensitive towards others and cause a lack of responsibility.
  • Negatively afflicted Mars could make one used by others in love affairs especially if Venus is also not in good dignity/position.

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