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Mars in the seventh house,Mars in 7th house

In this blog, let us discuss the impact of mars in the Seventh house. Also, Let’s see how the placement of Mars affects health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

What is the Seventh house of the birth chart?

The 7th house is also known as the horoscope's house of individual’s partners, one’s business, and one’s opposite in simple terms.  It is the house of one’s relationships as well not just marriage. 

It can be said that every house’s opposite is what a person desires in that house so since it is the opposite of the ascendant this house shows what the person desires in a partner or the kind of partner a person will get. 

This is also the house of everyone else so it can be said that it is the house of your business just like the 6th house is the house of service, the 7th becomes its addition and one’s own business if a person will do business. 

The body parts denoted by this house are the kidneys, lower back and lower pelvic area. 

This house is very commonly known as the bharya bhava in Sanskrit as it gives information about partnerships in one or many in general. 

What is Mars in Astrology?  

Mars is a fiery planet in astrology. It is also known as the commander-in-chief of the divine army. Mars is the energy of a person/horoscope. Mars is the owner of two very important houses in astrology. The first house i.e.; the house of birth and the 8th house i.e.; the house of death. Mars is the planet that gives the energy and confidence to any and every person to do something. It is the primary planet associated with any type of physical and competitive activity.

Mars shows the daring attitude or nature of a person. It also shows sexual desire which is primarily physical in nature. Since it is known as the army chief it shows the fighting spirit or competitive spirit of an individual. 

Since it owns the very houses of life and death that is the first house and eighth house. It carries the abilities of both types i.e. the ability to confront that could be associated with the first house which is visible to the whole world or conniving/deceiving/camouflaging abilities associated with that of the 8th house.

Its vimshottari dasha can also be called Mangal mahadasha. It rules for 7 years of one’s life. Depending upon the placement and friendship with other planets mars gives its benefic or malefic effects.

During the mars Dasha if positive a sportsman can achieve greater goals and break records. During the same dasha for another individual one could suffer from Mars-related matters like land, blood, fights police cases etc…

Mars is in the 7th house of the birth chart General characteristics: 

According to Vedic astrology placement of Mars in the 7th house means a fiery planet placed in an airy place as houses 3,7 and 11 form the Kama/Vayu trikon in the natural order. Here Mars makes one Manglik.

This Mars has the 7th aspect on the ascendant and gives the individual good stamina and energy focused on either the one partner or masses as in towards one’s business. This placement for the planet Mars gives one a partner who could be stubborn and equally energetic.

This individual looks and attracts people who are high in energy and can give them attention. However, at the same time if they don’t find someone who can match them then the relationship could be short-lived as well. 

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Mars is in the 7th House of birth chart and career:

Mars in the 7th house will make a person focused on their direct and open competition and being better than them. This can give anxiety to a person in relation to one’s partner or business.

This Mars gives its 4th aspect to the 10th house and protects one’s work if one keeps one’s aggression in check. This Mars could also give unexpected gains in money as it aspects the 2nd house of accumulated money as well. 

If other planets are well placed this could get an individual could also get into the Armed forces/Police/Home guards etc.

Mars is in the 7th House of birth chart and Marriage /Married life:

Since Mars is in the seventh house which is the house of marriage/affairs, this gives them a partner who is very energetic in matters of passion. These individuals will have good relationships as their partners could be very aggressive. They are Manglik as per Vedic astrology and they need energy that matches their energy levels. It also gives troubles in married life as well. For example, in the Horoscope of Lord Ram, he had Mars in the 7th house and he was away from his wife for a long time he had to fight a direct battle to get his wife back from Raavan. 

Their partner could behave as argumentative with them if Mars is not in good dignity or afflicted by malefics. If Mars is not in good dignity then it could also mean that their partner could be aggressive towards them.

Mars is in the 7th House of birth chart and Health:

When Mars is the 7th house with good dignity and getting aspects from benefic planets then that individual will have good energy levels and will look young despite one’s actual age. 

These individuals would also be physically active and would prefer some regular physical activities. 

For afflicted Mars, it could give individual urinary tract issues and blood-related disturbances in the lower abdomen area. In combination with other malefic planets, it could give ulcers or skin diseases as well.  

Mars is in the 7th House of birth chart and Positive impact:

  • Native gets good physical strength.
  • Natives have a keen interest in others and are focused and business-earning money as well. 
  • Well-placed Mars with good dignity will give ample opportunities in areas of work requiring high energy levels. 
  • Since this Mars aspects the 2nd house which is the house of accumulated money, natives could also get money from insurance as well or the death of someone in the family from the will.
  • These individuals could become doctors, businesspersons, and uniform forces jobs. They could also be in the insurance sector.

Mars is in the 7th House of birth chart and Negative impact: 

  • This could make a person very stubborn with his counterparts.
  • Negative Mars could create fights in daily life as well. 
  • Such individuals can have issues with the urinary tracts or reproductive system as well if Mars is afflicted. 
  • Some couples might have to suffer in the initial stages of their relationship especially if they get into relationships at an early age.
  • Individuals might not be good at maintaining proper relationships with their juniors or partners. 
  • They could treat their spouse badly or be treated badly by their spouses.

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