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Gemini Horoscope December 2022,Gemini Ascendant Horoscope December 2022

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Gemini Horoscope December 2022,Gemini Ascendant Horoscope December 2022

In this blog, we will only discuss how December 2022 will be for the people of Gemini ascendant. Very important zodiac changes of Sun and Venus in the month of December and in this blog we will discuss all these important zodiac changes for you people. 

If number 3 is written in the first house of your birth chart and La is written in the same house with it, then this monthly horoscope December 2022 is for you. 

Business and Career:

December 1-5 :

At present, Jupiter is in the 10th house of your birth chart and Rahu is in the 11th house of your birth chart. , Ketu is in the 5th house of your birth chart, Saturn  is in the 8th house of your birth chart, Mercury is in the 7th house of your birth chart and Venus is in the 6th house of your birth chart... and Mars is in the 12th house of your birth chart.

So let's discuss what will be the impact of all the planets on your career.. At this time Venus and Sun are in the 6th house of your birth chart. At this time you may have to see some kind of ups and downs in life. You may face such situations which you have not imagined, some kind of sudden benefit can also happen here, if you have any kind of interview,if you are in any kind of competition, then suddenly you can get to see auspicious results in it, at the time such people can give some sudden profit, the person who wants to go abroad, the person is looking for some kind of job in foreign country.

If you are into share trading, be a little cautious at this point of time

Such people have to be a little careful, who are in some kind of government job, at this time some kind of mental stress can increase, we will discuss further in our health related section, what will be the effect on your health. 

During this time lord of 12th house is in 6th house and 6th house is in 12th house, due to which some work of yours which was stalled for the last few months, due to which your mental stress had increased, career-related problems also increased then during this period it is very likely to end at this time.

At this time, Saturn is in the 8th house of your birth chart. From the 8th house of the birth chart, the aspect of Saturn  will be on the 10th house of your birth chart, on the 2nd house of your birth chart and on the 5th house of your birth chart. 8th House of Saturn may create some hurdles in your family related section. Such person may get some good results who are in research work,who are in software development work. 

At present, Jupiter is in its own sign Pisces in the 10th house of your horoscope, from where Jupiter will aspect the 4th house, 2nd house and 6th house of your horoscope, due to which you will see a stability in your career.

For some time, if your mental stress was due to your career, it was due to your business, then this period will reduce that. Those people who want to go abroad. .Those who are looking for job abroad.. they will see auspicious opportunity at your native place only…. You are likely to get some auspicious opportunity at your native place i.e. in your own country…

Persons who want to invest in some kind of property or want to purchase some vehicle then can get to see some auspicious results.

Presently, Rahu is in the 11th house of your birth chart. From where Rahu will be aspecting the 5th house of the birth chart as well. At this time you should be a little cautious.. Any hasty decision can land you in trouble...

This time can make you hasten to do any kind of work.. You may be inclined to take some kind of wrong decision. Do not take decisions.. especially related to your career or your business. You can fall victim to some kind of confusion... If you are into share trading.. be a little careful.. think twice before taking any kind of high risk...

December 6-16 :

At this time, the transit of Venus will take place in the 7th house of your birth chart and Lord Shukra is in the 5th house of your birth chart, due to which this time can give some auspicious results to such people who are in partnership business, any kind of tension in your partnership business.that will reduce here.  This time will create stability in your mind, these types of negative thoughts will be removed in your mind.

December 17-31 :

This time Sun will transit from 6th house to 7th house of your horoscope, due to which this time will be able to work with the influence of Venus from 7th house... Your recognition with government high officials can increase during this time. Due to which you can get some kind of benefit in your work, in your job, the possibility of getting some kind of cooperation from the people sitting on the high level will be very strong at this time. 

People who are into partnership business , their stress will increase a lot. 


Time till December 15, such people will have to be more cautious if you have any kind of problem related to brain. Suppose you used to have depression, you had trouble sleeping, you have a problem like migraine.. then it can bother you more here. In the month of December, such people have to be careful if you have any problem related to nerves, any problem related to your spinal cord, you must do physical exercise...

If you drive any vehicle or go to gym then be a little careful.. In this time there is a possibility of injury to some kind of small pearl.. You should be a little careful on 19-23 December. Your mental problems may increase, even if you are not able to sleep.

Finance :

Time till December 12 is not that positive time related to your finances. Your expenses may increase excessively.. You may face difficulty in managing your finances. These expenses may also be very high regarding your health. On December 10-13 you will have Money can be gained from somewhere.. You may get this profit from your past investments.

Romance / Love :

See people who are single.. they are in some kind of relationship between 12-16th December means you can fall in some kind of love relationship here. People who are in relationship. For them, the time after 15th December will not give much positive results... You have to be a little careful in this time... You can get angry on anything due to which your mutual tension can increase... Have to be patient... During this time you may get stressed about something.


The time after December 17 can increase the tension in your married life a little, you have to be flexible.

By December 12, the situation of tension with your father will be seen increasing. This tension can be a streak in your family business. This tension can happen due to your mutual differences.. This tension can also be related to your father's health.

In this month, you should stay away from red and orange colored clothes. Do not wear. You can wear yellow clothes in this month. If you wear it then it can be very beneficial for you.

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