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Mars in the 11th house,Mars in the eleventh house

In this blog, let us discuss the impact of Mars in the Eleventh house. Also, Let’s see how the placement of Mars affects health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

What is the Eleventh house of the birth chart?

The 11th house is also known as the horoscope's house of Wish fulfilment, income, wealth, prosperity, sudden gain and abundance. 

It is opposite the 5th house of speculation and intuition so this house and its planets and various aspects on this house determine what will be the final outcome of the wishes/speculations of a person. This brings out the fruit of the work that a person puts in the 10th house and gets the results of the same from this house.

The body parts denoted by this house are the ankles, shins and calves. It also denotes the left arm and ear.

This house is very commonly known as the Labha bhava in Sanskrit as it gives information about the Higher knowledge and religious aspects of one’s life. 

Generally, every planet placed here gives its good results only but there could be exceptions as well. Planets give the result of their other house ownership as well.

What is Mars in Astrology?  

Mars is a fiery planet in astrology. It is also known as the commander-in-chief of the divine army. Mars is the energy of a person/horoscope. Mars is the owner of two very important houses in astrology. The first house i.e.; the house of birth and the 8th house i.e.; the house of death. Mars is the planet that gives the energy and confidence to any and every person to do something. It is the primary planet associated with any type of physical and competitive activity.

Mars shows the daring attitude or nature of a person. It also shows sexual desire which is primarily physical in nature. Since it is known as the army chief it shows the fighting spirit or competitive spirit of an individual. 

Since it owns the very houses of life and death that is the first house and eighth house. It carries the abilities of both types i.e. the ability to confront that could be associated with the first house which is visible to the whole world or conniving/deceiving/camouflaging abilities associated with that of the 8th house.

Its vimshottari dasha can also be called Mangal mahadasha. It rules for 7 years of one’s life. Depending upon the placement and friendship with other planets mars gives its benefic or malefic effects.

During the mars Dasha if positive a sportsman can achieve greater goals and break records. During the same dasha for another individual one could suffer from Mars-related matters like land, blood, fights police cases etc…

Mars is in the 11th house of the birth chart General characteristics: 

According to Vedic astrology placement of Mars in the 11th house means a fiery planet placed in an Airy (Vayu tattva) place as houses 3,7 and 11 form the Vayu (Air Element) trikon and Kama trikon, in the natural order. Since Mars is the army general and this becomes the battlefield for Mars and thus Mars is exalted in the 10th house in the natural house order.

This Mars has the 4th aspect on the 2nd i.e. second house so it gives a direct speech to the person. This Mars will try to save the family with the 4th aspect. The individual is generally very happy and enjoys the fruits of this house with few exceptions when Mars is not in good dignity or has malefic influences on it.

With Negative aspects and bad dignity Mars can give issues due to the 8th aspect on the 6th house and these can come all of a sudden.

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Mars is in the 11th House of birth chart and career:

Since the original energy of Mars is exalted in the 10th house. This Mars the army general now comes out from the 10th house after winning the battle it goes into the 11th house to enjoy the fruits of the battle that the army general has fought in the previous house.

These individuals can be good in whatever professions the individual chooses in their life as per the ongoing dasha.

Since this is part of the Kama trikon Mars placed here generally makes a person ambitious overall and interested in enjoying the fruits offered. With other good combinations, these individuals can be into IT/Computers/Hardware or Software or the Banking sector as well.

If there are good combinations with the 4th house then the person could also get into Professions of Property.

One could face issues during the sub-periods of the 3rd house or 5th house as they are 6th and 8th from the 10th house of the profession so that could affect some gains allowed by the 11th House.

Mars is in the 11th House of birth chart and Marriage /Married life:

Generally, Mars placed here gives a good married life since it keeps the 2nd House safe which is the family of the individual.

This Mars gives its 7th aspect to the 5th house of romance as well so there would be good creativity in the presentation of affection towards the partnerships.

A badly afflicted Mars will face difficulties in married life as it will ignite quarrels with the partner when placed in the 11th house by giving its 8th aspect to the 6th house of quarrels. This will be more so when there is a connection between the 5th house and the 6th house through their lordship planets and their combination with Mars.

Mars is in the 11th House of birth chart and Health:

If Mars is in good dignity and so is the ascendant the person will have good energy levels to fight the diseases. Under unfavourable time periods(dasha) one could suffer from ailments of the arms or ears (hearing).  Otherwise, other body parts as denoted by the 11th house that is Calves and Shin etc. could also get affected.

Mars is in the 11th House of birth chart and Positive impact:

  • Native gets good physical strength and is ambitious and gets to enjoy the work done and speculations and uses intuition well.
  • Natives have a keen interest in working for the major groups.
  • Well-placed Mars with good dignity will create or help in creating a strong family or maintaining good bank balances.
  • They could also get into government jobs with good sun/Saturn placement.
  • Also, they could also get into professions relating to serving others with other good combinations. 

Mars is in the 11th House of birth chart and Negative impact: 

  • This could make a person very aggressive towards the enjoyment of the fruits offered by this house and spend a lot.
  • Reckless Mars can also cause harm in own home or towards one’s children.
  • Mars not in good dignity can keep others away from himself as this is the house of friends as well as elder siblings.
  • Speech could be very harsh.
  • Debilitated Mars which is not supported by any benefic planets of the horoscope could become very self-centred. 

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