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Sun in the 8th house,Sun in the eighth house

In this blog , we will discuss the impact of sun in the Eighth house . Also, Let’s  see How the placement of Sun affects health, Married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive and negative flavour and the best remedies.

What is the Eight house of the Birth chart?

The eighth house rules ***, Death, Taboos, traumas and Fears. It also governs intimate agreements around money and possessions. This is where we cultivate intimacy with others. By exposing ourselves in this way, we are forced to confront our shadows and the things that make us vulnerable. This undertaking inspires a process of transformation towards our trueselves.

The eighth house is a place of depth-deep bonding, deep  sharing and deep transformation. This is a territory of the subconscious. Once you fully faced your shadows, you can reemerge lighter. The eighth house rules death and rebirth. It describes your ability to transform by conquering the darkest part of yourself. On the other side, you are regenerated, free from the weight of anything that is not true to who you are. Although this can be a painful process, the rewards are undeniable. This is where you find your power.

8th house Themes :



Secrets and Fears



Shared money and possessions

Health and well-being


Love and relationship 

Social life

Public image

Sudden gains and property benefits

What is sun in Astrology ?

Planet sun is Astrology, has a special significance in Vedic Astrology and in Hinduism. Sun is the main source of energy and light on planet Earth. Astronomically, it is a “Father of Stars” and very nearest to our mother planet  “Earth”. 

In Hinduism , planet Sun is worshipped as “ Sun God” . It is a planet which represents our “Soul” in Astrology . People pray to the planet Sun thrice a day. It represents our high esteem. 

In Western Astrology , planet Sun is also known by the name “ Apollo” . They consider it as a son of “Jupiter” and “Latona” . 

Sun is in Eighth house of the Birth chart, Gender Characteristics ; what is the role of sun in janampatri /horoscope ? How will the sun transit affect your life? Know the tips, to balance its negative effects with the help of the Sun transit report.

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What happen when the Sun is placed in the 8th house?

According to astrology, the sun is the karaka of the soul. When the sun is placed in the eight house, the native has the ability to to see the bigger picture in life. On the darker side, the influence of the sun in the eighth house offers a shorter lifespan. 

The sun placement in the eighth house is likely to bless you with wealth and property through inheritance. Also, you can handle money wisely. You love to travel, get a charming and handsome personality to you. This is just a trailer. There is more than what the sun in the eighth house has to offer you.

Personality of people having Sun in 8th house:

Getting panic in difficult situations.

Trying times is not your style.

You are quick to respond to the problems and brings them under control.

The actions will not be in haste leading to too many mistakes.

You have the ability to reciprocate in an effective manner.

You are the master managers of uncertain and unpredictable situations.

Fresh ideas are always there in your bag.

You are mentally enriched.

For you trust is like a treasure.

It makes you highly sensitive.

Your partner will be practical and realistic.

It may help you form fun loving connections with your father.

You will precisely control your life and destiny.

Sun is in the 8th house of Birth chart and Career: 

Mundane activities are the least thing you can accept in every day life. You love to do new things daily. Repetitive tasks are very dull for you. Besides, You will actively participate in strengthening  your determination and core abilities. Needless to worry, you will be successful too. So, achieving new heights in your profession is an easy peasy job for you. Your dreams, hopes, and desires are likely to shine like the sun in the backyard .

Also , you will precisely control your life and destiny. Moreover, the happenings in the surroundings don’t impact you. So, focus and determination in attaining your goals and objectives are stupendous. 

Sun is in the 8th house of Birth chart and Marriage/Married life:

Talking about your marriage life, you will face difficulty in satisfy your spouse, especially when the sun is positioned in the eighth house of your spouse kundli too. You are less likely to show your real emotions with your  better half. So, you tend to keep too may feelings hidden inside you. This is why your spouse is not able to understand what you feel. You will develop an intimate relationship with your partner. However, the intimacy you share with your partner will , later on, transform into a spiritual exercise. You don’t keep trust in others easily . 

People need to tick the parameters set by you to gain your trust. You consider them as your close ones and share your secrets with them. This over emphasis on testing others may make you unpopular among them. You even become suspicious of people who are close to you. This can strain your relationships, eventually effecting your public image.

Besides, it make you highly sensitive. Even you get offended by petty things. Also you may take small things personally and get yourself hurt. It would be best for you to avoid such minor things. Else, you may spoil your relationships with them and even lose your close ones. 

However, needless to worry , Your partner will be practical and realistic . So it will get balanced. 

The Sun is in the 8th house of Birth chart and Positive Impact:

Well , the natives of the sun in 8th house are:

Quick in their response to sudden and difficult situations.

They are able to bring any situation under control in an effective manner.

They possess the ability to say the right things at the right time.

It add on their quality of being master manager of life’s uncertainties and unpredictabilities .

It make your future the way you want to make it.

They are always fresh and mentally rich.

They like doing new things all the time and do not want to repeat them.

They are always dynamic and active.

You will try to strengthen your inner resolve and determination.

Your hopes and desires are likely to shine.

You will be able to control your life and destiny in a much better manner.

They are passionate about work.

They are mentally strong.

They are problem solvers and very positive people.

Problems cannot break their spirits so easily.

Sun is in the 8th house of Birth chart and Negative Impact:

The natives of the sun in 8th house are:

Very difficult to satisfy a spouse.

They do not trust anybody easily.

They may even suspicious .

They are highly sensitive.

They may get offended very easily.

There are many things that they should not take personally.

It can also be cruel and make the native make very bad at decision-making.

There is a chance that natives will deal with long-term illness.

The natives will be extremely passionate and egoistic.

They are so straightforward that they can hurt the feelings of people around them.

They are very imaginative.

There parents health would suffer, it will remain low and weak, especially in the middle ages of their life.

There might be a financial crisis in your life. It can be temporary, and you shall suffer from poverty if you don’t manage money properly and inappropriately.


The sun in the 8th house , makes the person quite efficient in handling delicate situation and hardship in life. However, your sensitive side and testing people may make you unpopular and create an image of arrogant person infront of others. So, it is best for you to be less sensitive and more flexibile. Otherwise, there are chances that you may lose your real friends also. However,persons having Sun in the 8th house are pretty efficient in handling situation. 

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