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Sun in the ninth house,Sun in the 9th house

In this blog , we will discuss the impact of sun in the Ninth house . Also, Let’s  see How the placement of Sun affects health, Married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive and negative flavour and the best remedies.

What is the Ninth house of the Birth chart?

Ninth house in astrology is frequently known as the “House of Luck”, “House of Fate” and “House of Religion”. This house relates to your quest towards spirituality. It also drives one towards spirituality by shaping your belief systems. This house portrays out-of-turned favor along with luck without causing loss to anyone.

Ninth house represents godliness, fortune, worship, legal matters, dharmic acts, virtue generosity, tirthas (Centers of holy rivers), medicinal drugs, science, mental purity, acquisition of learning affluence, policy, moral story, horses, elephants, prosperity, coronation halls, assembly halls, circulation of money, grandchildren, religions, devotion , law sympathy, science & literature, communication with spirits, ghosts and long journeys, foreign travels and father.

9th house represents the following : 



Expension/Broader horizons





Distance travel

Higher Education

Self development




Relationship with father

Spouse’s income

What is sun in Astrology ?

Planet sun is Astrology, has a special significance in Vedic Astrology and in Hinduism. Sun is the main source of energy and light on planet Earth. Astronomically, it is a “Father of Stars” and very nearest to our mother planet  “Earth”. 

In Hinduism , planet Sun is worshipped as “ Sun God” . It is a planet which represents our “Soul” in Astrology . People pray to the planet Sun thrice a day. It represents our high esteem. 

In Western Astrology , planet Sun is also known by the name “ Apollo” . They consider it as a son of “Jupiter” and “Latona” . 

Sun is in ninth house of the Birth chart, Gender Characteristics ; what is the role of sun in janampatri /horoscope ? How will the sun transit affect your life? Know the tips, to balance its negative effects with the help of the Sun transit report.

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What happen when the Sun is placed in the 9th house?

The celestial father, the sun in the destiny, may help you develop the religious mindset .With this combination of sun and the ninth house , you may come up as a teacher, speaker or priest. You may have sweet and fun loving relation with your children. It may offer you the essential comfort of your life. Also, You may have luck by your side to make remarkable progress in your life. Moreover,  if there are auspicious planets in the house of destiny it may give you favourable outcomes. However, things may not remain the same if the ninth house is under the aspect of the malefic planets. 

Personality of people having Sun in 9th house:

The natives tends to think globally and act on issues of a wider perspective.

They carry these concerns over into the home and domestic affairs and in the formation of material wealth .

Native has strong conviction with an underlying sense of religious or spiritual dedication.

They accept responsibility for many things in life.

They have strong ambitions for self-expansion and self-improvement.

People can be involved in explorations, self-awakening, connecting to higher principles and things metaphysical.

They will be well travelled and have opportunities for education.

They will have a honest nature.

They will be interested in religion and philosophy. 

They are the most philosophically minded.

People are natural leaders with strong magnetic power and spiritual wisdom.

They are very independent and inventive person.

They like to search for truth and meaning that can help them to find the right direction in life.

They are blessed with the wealth of extrasensory resources.

They are fascinated by the larger words out there and naturally drawn to all kind of information about them.

You believe you are able to accomplish whatever you set out to achieve .

You seek adventure and are attracted to radical change. 

Your ability for innovation is valued by others, they might find you unpredictable, erractic, or hard to get close to.

They are full of positivity and optimism.

Sun is in the 9th house of Birth chart and Career: 

If the sun is in the ninth house:

Career success comes from your own personal efforts. 

They choose their career precisely and work hard to get growth in their respective field.

This native’s hardwork pays off early and make a good amount of fortune from an early period in their career.

They try to learn new things and grow in their field.

They are also very sensitive to their work and work environment.

The native should be careful not to involve to much emotionally and be practical sometimes in work related issue.

They will make a good amount of fortune by their work .

They earn a respectable position in their Field. 

Sun is in the 9th house of Birth chart and Marriage/Married life:

. The natives with the sun in the 9th house will:

Have an immense problem in their marriage life.

They are very sensitive towards their loved ones, they handle things emotionally.

They will have an issue of understanding their spouse, their sensitive nature and emotional outburst will create a big problem.

The native’s lack self acceptance, so they won’t be able to see the another person perspective and won’t understand them.

They should be more patient and try to understand their spouse with practically to save their marriage, otherwise, they will get stressed, depressed and eventually , it will be lead to a failed marriage.

Native should be calm and underdstanding towards their partner. 

The Sun is in the 9th house of Birth chart and Positive Impact:

Well , the natives of the sun in 9th house :

Makes a person positive, sensitive and warm at heart.

They try their best to have a stable life, involving family, marriage, and career.

The native should work on their self-acceptance to make their life more peaceful and happy.

They will find positivity and happiness in every situation.

These people are very naïve from a young age .

They are respectful people in society because of their sensitive nature.

The native interested in learning a foreign language and culture.

They are charitable and virtuous disposition as she/he has a spiritual and religious bent of mind.

They wish to discover the ultimate purpose of existence .

It desire peace and harmony in their surroundings .

They strive to achieve the same by being good and doing good to one and everyone .

They are full of optimism and positivity . 

They have an infectious enthusiasm , which enables them to deal with problems in a very effective manner .

They can influence a large number of lives .

Sun is in the 9th house of Birth chart and Negative Impact:

The natives of the sun in 9th house :

Cannot accept their mistakes and faults

Such person always try to hide them by excuses

Such person have severe communication error with other people

Such person need to work on themselves for better understanding and communication with others.

Such person are unable to see their negative aspects.

If the other person doesn’t acknowledge your positivity , he /she may not treat you generously.

Sometime, it may dampen your spirit and shatter your faith in goodness.

Such person may be somewhat arrogant about your views.

Such person may believe that only your views are true and real.

Such person need very careful about your standing in society.

Such person will need to plan your life and future in a better manner. 


Such persons are righteous, religious,virtuous,positive and curious . Also ,. You are very  will be lucky as foutune will favour you on a number of occasions . However , it would be better if your learning of the new language also helps you in something which influence your career prospects . 

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