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Jupiter and Ketu Conjunction in birth chart - No marriage yoga ? 

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Jupiter is known ** a natural benefic planet, and Ketu is known ** a natural malefic planet in Vedic astrology. Whenever there is the conjunction of these two in the birth chart, such a person is happy at heart, complacent from life, doesn't have craving for a materialistic world, and self-satisfied. 

Such persons are good at heart and can't cheat others. If someone cheats such a person in life then it will impact the person who cheats such a person, and he will get the negative results of his karma in life. Jupiter and Ketu conjunction happened once in 10 - 12 years of time, so this is a very rare conjunction in one birth chart which makes him special ** well but not for this materialistic world. 

Jupiter is the significator of knowledge and Ketu shows the hidden truth, hidden power of another world. When these two combine in any house, such person starts searching for the main reason of human life, reason of his existence on earth. The person having this conjunction have very strong intuition power, sometimes such a person speaks something and it happens in life whether positive or negative. ** such persons are clean at heart, so they have special natural powers. 

This conjunction sometimes creates confusion in the mind of the person and won't allow him to focus on one goal to achieve the spirituality due to which he won't be able to achieve the real goals of his life especially if none of these planet's Dasha comes on native. To achieve the best goal of spirituality the native should face the mahadasha of any of these two planets, specially mahadasha of Ketu during the end of his life or after the age of 60 years or so. Then such a person will attain the real knowledge of the third world ** he has already completed all the phases of life and has done all materialistic karma in life. 

If this conjunction takes place in the 6 or 8th house of birth chart then such a person also got into bad habits of smoke or drugs. The 9th house and 12th house is a most strong house, ** per the property of Jupiter and Ketu. 

If Jupiter and Ketu conjunction is there in the 1st house, fourth house or 10th house of the birth chart then such person will become spiritual leader, spiritual guru, a great preacher, a teacher, astrologer, magician, researcher and if such person starts taking interest in occult science then he will attain great knowledge of occult science ** well.

Such person's goal is not to achieve the heights of materialistic world or to earn huge money, but to achieve those goals which belongs the third world or not known to others. 

When it will impact the marriage life ? Does this conjunction forms no marriage yog ? 

If Jupiter and Ketu conjunction is there in the first house, 12th house or 7th house and if the degree of Ketu is stronger than Jupiter ( Other factors are also considered of individual birth chart) then in such case there are chances of very delay in marriage, no marriage, loss of interest in marriage. Such people avoid marriage and have very little interest in getting married. Person should avoid marriage if Jupiter and Ketu mahadasha is approaching just after the marriage, ** it will create huge detachment or loss of interest in married life ( other factors need to be analysed ** well in the individual birth chart before reaching any conclusion).  

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