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Ketu Saturn conjunction, What is ketu saturn conjunction in astrology

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Ketu Saturn conjunction, What is ketu saturn conjunction in astrology

In this blog series, we will discuss one more unique conjuction found in many horoscopes of the slowest moving planet Saturn (Shani) and One of the Malefics which causes pain even to the king of the zodiac and itself is a shadow planet which means it is not visible by naked eyes i.e. Ketu also known as the South node of Moon as per the Western astrology. However, since we are primarily referring to the Vedic combinations and their readings accordingly we will call these "Saturn Ketu conjunction" “Shani-Ketu” yuti(combination/conjunction). Once we have discussed what this yuti(combination/conjunction) means post that we will discuss house wise its effect on health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

What is Saturn and what is Ketu in a birth chart?

Saturn - Saturn is one of the most feared and ill-famed planets by some astrologers for making a quick buck from innocent unsuspecting clientele. Saturn is the slowest-moving planet in the Vedic planetary system. It stays in one zodiac house for at least two and a half years i.e. 2.5 years in one zodiac. During its stay in a particular zodiac, it can also become retrograde and move backwards for some time. Once its distance from Sun decreases it ends its retrograde motion. This means that Saturn is generally retrograde in a zodiac quite a few times. When it is retrograde it is supposed to be more powerful in its gaze(aspect) and its result-giving as well. 

Because Saturn is slow it is also termed a lame planet and many times the issues related to lame walking of individuals and knee issues are seen from the impact of Saturn on the individual through its positioning in the horoscope or its transit or the age and forming yog(combinations) at the time of specific transits.

Since Saturn is considered to be at the farthest point of the stellar system as per Bhagavata Puran as well it is also considered as Son of the king Sun through its wife Chaya (Shadow) who was placed by the Original wife named Sangya. As per stories from various Puranas Sun is known to have a few children like Saturn, Yam (Yamraj Deity of Bharani Nakshatra) and Yami (Yamuna).  Quite strangely, Saturn the planet which is known as the Karaka(factor) for servants in one’s life is also the Judge amongst the Planets and Saturn is what decides who gets what punishment during their lifetime as read in a horoscope. The main purpose of Saturn is to judge the karmas of a person and grant them the results accordingly, so when a person doesn’t learn about maturity, responsibility, discipline and learn about the importance of service in general, Saturn gives very harsh results and turns a king into pauper or vice versa. Hence Saturn is notorious because it is a very common nature of humans to live life lavishly and devoid of any or all of the above-mentioned habits and Saturn punishes such cases very harshly until they learn the required lesson. Saturn is friends with 

Saturn dasha is for 19 years which is a very period as it is a slow-moving planet and it gives its results in a very concrete manner i.e. long-lasting and deeply impacting.

Ketu – It is also known as the south node of the Moon. It is a shadow planet and it always moves in a retrograde manner i.e. if Other planets are moving from east to west then Rahu and Ketu move West to east. Another point to note with Ketu is it is always equidistant from Rahu (North Node of Moon) and both these are always retrograde, it’s very rare and only for a very brief moment that these planets are seen as either stationary or in non-retrograde motion.

Ketu is a planet which is the only headless planet in the planetary system and it is said to be striving for Moksha/Salvation. It has everything in it and it doesn’t have any thirst except that of Moksha. It is also one that causes the Grahan yog with the luminaries i.e. Sun and Moon.  As per some Vedic scriptures, Ketu acts like Mars i.e. Mangal. It is violent when it is activated in the horoscope and more so if it is with say Mars. Here, however, we will discuss the conjunction/combination of Ketu with Saturn.

Ketu in the first house will give motivation/direction to the person to act as per the requirement of the 7th house and the focus will be on the opposite, thus this kind of makes a person with Chamaeleon-like capabilities i.e. person can take any personality as required from the 7th house. This person can be a very good actor if other factors allow acting as a profession. Ketu is said to be the salvation-seeking planet or planet that if followed well will help any person walk on the path that will help in one’s salvation/Moksha. It is said to be better in the moksha sthan i.e. 4,8 and 12 houses. It feels happy when in the houses of Jupiter because Jupiter’s houses are the house of knowledge.

When do these two planets meet in the zodiac?  

As we just know that Saturn moves around the zodiac approximately. 30 years i.e. it stays for 2.5 years in 1 zodiac sign and Rahu moves around the zodiac in 18 years i.e. it stays in one zodiac sign approximately for. 18.

These two planets meet once approximately every 12 years or so. Since both the planets alone only are known as malefic planets one can understand the effect of the combination of these two malefic in a person’s horoscope.

This conjunction of Saturn with Ketu is different from its conjunction with Rahu. Rahu is a materialistic planet and known for trying to rule even over the Sun thus causing the eclipse whereas Ketu is headless with no sense of self-realisation through the senses which are available with Rahu. It is a symbol of complete surrendering or complete dependence on other planets placed along with it. If this conjunction makes a native move towards spiritualism through the bhakti marga (path of devotion) it would create a very intense high level of a bhakta (devotee) of any religion and natives would have the capability to surrender with total completeness.  As with any other conjunction of two or more planets, these two will also have broadly 3 to 4 stages of conjunction carrying in horoscopes as per time.  Once these two planets have crossed each other they will start to move away from each other and eventually one of them will leave the zodiac first. So even in the journey of exiting the zodiac, the results would be different. Nevertheless, the results will be there in some particular cases one could find them to be highly accentuated as two very high-level energies are getting mixed up and both are considered as kind of very strong forces within the horoscope. 

What does the meeting go these two planes Saturn and Ketu mean?

According to a saying in Vedic astrology (Shanivat Rahu, Kujwat Ketu) means Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars. This is a very intense conjunction as both the planets have separative tendencies/capabilities with other factors included. This conjunction brings a sense of acceptance in the native towards the factuality of disconnection/dissociation. One might live very normally without realizing the depth of this characteristic in oneself in relation to the rest of society. Generally, it is said that Planets mature at certain ages which means that Planets start to give what they are capable of giving in a particular horoscope after a certain number of years. Saturn matures after one complete cycle that is at least 30 years so it is said to be maturing around 35-36 years, however, in conjunction with the Rahu and Ketu this maturity is delayed and Saturn also achieves its maturity post 45+ years of age. Since Ketu is a headless planet as it was created from the sacrifice of Swarbhanu while drinking the nectar elixir of immortality, this conjunction sacrifices something or other in Karmas with relation to the house and zodiac. Prominence is transferred to Rahu sitting in the 7th from the conjunction. Wherever this conjunction is happening there could be some kind of stillness in the characteristics as shown by that house and zodiac sign as well. This will also result in anxiety in the person and an inability to express as well. One will keep looking for something or other related to the house or zodiac that could give the feeling of completeness. 

These are two dark energies of similar type but with different purposes having been kept in the horoscope by the divine designer. So, where Saturn Rahu is like a Doubling of Saturnian energy on the Contrary Saturn Ketu conjunction is what could be seen as Saturnian energy in conjunction with Martian energy with the difference being that here Ketu is headless.

In our next blog, we will discuss how this yuti affects a person when present in various houses and what factors could be beneficial and where it could cause some damage as well as Ketu Shows detachment wherever it is placed and Shani shows slowness so one can imagine easily now one very clear indication that this is showcasing the struggle between detachment and repetition, servitude trying to go together in this kali yug. 

What is the role of this yuti (combination) in your Janampatri/horoscope? How will this yuti (combination) in your horoscope or during a transit affect your life? Know the tips to balance its negative effects with the help of the transit report.

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