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Sun in first house for Libra ascendant.

In libra ascendant birth chart, Sun is the lord of 11th house and eleventh house signifies our materialistic desire,our achievements, financial gains, friends,our ears and will to fight with diseases etc.

Sun is placed in the first house but here Sun is placed in its debilitated sign that is the sign of Libra. If first house is not aspected by natural yoga karak planets like Jupiter , then such natives will have instable mind, directionless, he will always face problems in choosing career,bad relationship with father, have arrogant behaviour, rigid attitude and unstable married life. 

If aspected by malefic planets, then such natives also have tendency to cheat others. 

Diseases : Such natives are prone to disease related to sexual organs and kidney.

Sun in first house for Scorpio ascendant.

In Scorpio ascendant Sun is the lord of 10th house. Due to which such natives will get good support from government, such natives have attachment with father. When Sun is placed in the first house of Scorpio ascendant then such native are very egoistic in nature, are very stubborn and have a dominating spouse.

However if placed or aspected by benefic plaents like moon or jupiter will give the native very positive results.

Diseases : Such natives are prone to disease related to disease realted to outer part of sexual organs and nerves related disease. 

Sun in first house for Sagittarius ascendant.

In Sagittarius ascendant birth chart Sun is the lord of 9th house and ninth house of birth chart represent our luck, inclination towards religion and regligious activities, father, long travel,  auspicious activities etc. 

Placement of sun in the first house of birth chart in Sagittarius ascendant makes the native lucky, such natives enjoy father property, such natives respect their elders and teacher, such natives also liked by their teachers, also get benefits from the government, belief in religious activities and have lucky spouse. When sun is placed in the first house of birth chart in Sagittarius ascendant then such native hold an important place in society , good reputation in society and such natives are charitable in nature. 

If Sun is placed with planets like Mars or Jupiter then not only all the above positive results will increase but also the native will be wealthy and attain huge success in life.

But if there will be aspect or association of malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu then it will give negative results or the results mentioned above will be very negligible. 

Diseases : Such natives are prone to disease related to area realted to hips and stomach.

Sun in first house for Capricorn Ascendant.

In capricorn ascendant birth chart Sun is the lord of 8th house that means Sun is maraka planet ie. Sun is malefic planet in Capricorn ascendant birth chart and 8th house of birth chart represents obstacles, accidents, death, in laws, chronic diseases, unexpected financial gains etc. 

Placement of Sun in the first house of capricorn ascendant gives native instable mind, lot of ups and down in career,lot of health issues which are not diagnosed on the right time, such natives have very bad attitude towards other and also face behaviourial issues in life.Such natives are prone to diseases and have very low immunity. Such natives dont have cordial relationship with their father and also face problems in their work from governemnt authority.

If the first house lord that ie. Saturn is well placed in the birth chart and also the benefic planet for Capricorn ascendant i.e. Venus is also placed well in the birth chart, then these negative results will reduce or negligible. 

But since Sun is the lord of 8th house in Capricorn ascendant, it is recommended that you should keep doing remedies for Saturn and try to give full respect to your parents and senior. Also you have to keep a good care of your health and should follow disciplined life. 

Diseases : Such natives are prone to disease related to knee and bones.

Sun in first house for Aquarius ascendant.

In aquarius ascendant Sun is the lord of 7th house and Sun will aspect the 7th house from the 1st house in aquarius ascendant horoscope when Sun is placed in the first house of birth chart in aquarius ascendant.

Sun in the first house indicates that native may be brave but with less self confidence.  Such natives are little self centric and think himself ** a real boss and don't care about other idea's and ideology.  Sun in the first house also indicates that such natives are more materialistic and money minded. Such natives have friendship with upper society people but such native himself dont' attain that much of wealth. 

If such native do business like share trading then they face losses or if they involve in speculation then they will face loss. 

Such natives normally do love marriage but after few years of marriage the compatibility issues arise in relationship, such natives have ego problems with his wife or some thoughts differences with his life partner. Such native keep criticizing their own wife and also have interest in other's wife .  They also face delay in progeny and issue related to progeny. 

Diseases :  Sun in the first house of birth chart in Aquarius ascendant, such natives may suffer from neurological disease, disease related to bones, disease related to eyes and also face disease realted to heart. 

Sun in the first house for Pisces ascendant.

In pisces ascendant birth chart , sun is the lord of 6th house therefore sun is a malefic planet in Pisces ascendant birth chart. So, when sun is placed in the first house in pisces ascendant such natives are tough contender in competition and always play to win. Chances of cracking competition are more of such natives specially some government job exam. 

Such native are romantic in nature and also attract many women in life. Such native also attracted towards jewellery , good interior designing , media and lavish life style.  

 Such natives have habit of exposing others fault very quickly. When sun in the first house of pisces ascendant then such native's wife may suffer from diseases and are very prone to disease. 

Since lord of the first house is Jupiter therefore such native have very good imagination power and also get good success in creative fields. Such natives are emotional but can handle situation in life boldly. 

Sun in the first house of sagittarius ascendant may lead to some criminal cases in life. 

Diseases :  Such native may suffer from disease allergic disease like flue, common cold, eye sight issues, and fever

Conclusion : 

Before drawing any conclusion, you should consider navamsha chart and conjunction of sun with other planets, degree of sun , affliction on sun in birth chart etc. 

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