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Sun in first house of birth chart gives native with full energy, vitality, and positive approach towards life and profession.Generally such natives are bless with sound body and good health. Such native have sparse hairs on head. Such natives easily loose temper and are reckless. Sun in the first house also represent the native's social image and his / her status in society. Such natieves earn respect from others and have very high self esteem . Due to this , other people around such native consider them 'arrogant' in nature.  

Such native from the very beginning of life become leader in small group of friends and attract all attention of the group. Such natives give direction to others from the early stage of life which shows very high leader ship qualities in such natives. When these natives got authorities then they start ignoring others and always consider them very superior in comparison to others due to which during long run such native start loosing friend's and relatives ** well. Due to the developed arrogant behaviour over the time in life, it is very difficult for the subordinates of such natives to work under them. Such native are also not very flexible to new ideas and don't listen new ideas of subordinates. Due to such behaviour , these are generally called eccentric in groups of subordinates.

When Sun is in the first house, such natives have very high level of cofidence and they never go to back foot, always ready to give reply to their enemies. To achieve a strong government authority job is one of the main karaka of Sun placed in the first house or have very good contacts with government authorities in life.

When Sun in the first house of birth chart, such native attain great knowledge about different fields. Such native have very independent thought process and are very strong in decision making, so such natives can also become great political leaders ** they know how to handle the rivals. 


Such native have very dominating personality, very arrogant, good contact in government authorities, goernment job holder at reputed position,very strong political inclination. Such native won't give up easily in life and fight till victory. Such natives always have a habit of becoming centre of attraction. If all the planets favour such natives and Mahadasha of Sun also come on the right time of career then all the above personality traits will be applicable to such native.


Such native are stubborn and can't take other ideas and direction from others. Due to this,native who have sun in the first house of birth chart face lot of ups and down in married life. It is very difficult for partner of such native to continue the relationship.On one hand Sun placement in the first house of birth chart is boon for career , on the other hand it is bane to married life. 

Sun in first house for Cancer ascendant.

In Cancer ascendant birth chart Sun is the lord of the second house . Sun in the first house of cancer ascendant makes the native wealthy, he attains good savings in life. Sun in the first house of cancer ascendant makes the native ******* in his family and also very supportive to family members especially when it comes about finances. 

Placement of Sun in the first house of Cancer ascendant makes the native fond of food or we can say such natives are very foody, they also take non vegetarian food.

Placement of Sun in the first house of cancer ascendant also create trouble to health of the native and if the Sun is afflicted by planets like Rahu or Ketu then such native keep facing health issues very frequenty during the entire life. 

Diseases : Such natives are prone to disease related to chest and lungs. 

Conclusion : 

Before drawing any conclusion, you should consider navamsha chart and conjunction of sun with other planets, degree of sun , affliction on sun in birth chart etc. 

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