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Impact of ketu in tenth house of birth chart ? 

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First understand what ketu is ? Ketu is moksha, seclusion, debt, financial losses, hospitalization and mental stress.

Tenth house which is house of profession, karmas, source of livelihood, business, power, sacred and religous deeds and duties, knee joints and knee cap . Placement of ketu in tenth house is one of the worst placement of ketu in birth chart.

Native’s who have ketu in tenth house of their birth chart will face the following issues :

  1.   Instability in career : they will move here and there for one job or other / one business or other facing losses. During the antardasha of Ketu native will loose job and won’t be able to find a new job . Also if native is doing business then during antardasha or mahadasha of ketu native will face huge losses or native have to take debt for his business.

   2.  Property related : since ketu aspecting the fourth house, in the antardasha / mahadasha of ketu it will create such situation that native have to leave the house whether it will be due to job / business / mental stress. Native has to sell his land / house in the mahadasha of Ketu.

   3.  Family : there will be huge clashes in the family specially with mother. Mother’s of such native will face huge health problems or may face early death .

   4.  Mental stress : Due to losses every where antardasha / mahadasha of ketu will give native huge mental stress which sometime native won’t be able to manage and went through a phase of depression.

   5.  Accidents : Such native may face accidents during antardasha / mahadasha of Ketu. 

If such native will keep on doing job / business in their home town then they keep loosing jobs / face huge loss in business. They will not succeed in job and growth of such native in their homeland is very slow and same with business growth of such native.

If we analyze the impact of ketu placement in tenth house then it made the life of the native very difficult in terms of job / business.

Remedies for such natives :

   1.  Such native’s are advised not to do job / business near there birth place / hometown. If such native’s are getting job outside the country then it will be more beneficial for them.

2.     Chant ketu mantra : Aum Sran Srin Sron seh Ketve Namah ॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रौं सः केतवे नमः॥

  3.  This mantra should be chanted for 17000 times within 40 days and native should know how to chant it properly before starting it.

   4.  Such native should worship Shiva and chant “Om namah shivaye” mantra daily 108 times.

   5.  Such native should do meditation on daily basis for atleast thirty minutes to reduce the negative energy of ketu. 

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