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What is Ardra Nakshatra in vedic astrology ? 

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Ardra nakshatra is the sixth nakshatra out of the twenty-seven nakshatras'. Lord of this nakshatra is Rahu. 

Male characteristics born in ardra nakshatra : 

* person born in ardra nakshatra have tendency to lose temper very quickly, are always ungrateful to those who help them and create trouble for those who even help them. Such * person also have an interest in gaining new knowledge, also to gain hidden knowledge like tantra,  and to have vast business knowledge. Due to this, they become * good businessman and quickly reach to the peak if Rahu is placed in * good position in the birth chart. Such natives if target any aim in life and do hard work to achieve that, then luck favors such natives. 

Natives born in Ardra nakshatra have very strong intuition powers and they quickly come to know what is there in the mind of the person with whom they are talking. They become * very good astrologer and also rise very high in the public dealing job profile. There are very fewer chances of such natives to get deceived in life due to their intuition power. Such natives are very secretive and others don't even know what is happening in the mind of the natives born in ardra nakshatra. Such natives emotionally undergo huge fluctuations in life reaching the peak of happiness and peak of sadness. 

You have * very bad habit of doing expenses without any reason due to which such natives face financial troubles many times in life . Such natives should marry late otherwise they will be forced to live separately from the family. 

Generally, it has been observed that natives born in ardra nakshatra earn their living or growth in * career outside the country. 

Diseases and health: Such natives face problems related to heart, dental , neuro-related diseases. 

Female characteristics born in ardra nakshatra : 

Female natives born in ardra nakshatra have calm behavior and * very peaceful mind. Such natives always do more expenses on useless things. They are helpful to others, intelligent but always ready to find fault in others and due to the nature of finding fault in others, such native normally spends lonely life after later half of life . Such natives may have problems between their father and mother. There are chances of death of the father or mother/divorce between father and mother in early childhood. 

Diseases and health: Such natives often face diseases related to menstrual troubles, lungs related diseases, hearing problems. 

Career / Profession suitable to natives born in ardra nakshatra : 

Public dealing, astrology, psychology, transport industry, financial broking firms, shipping industry, tour, and travel industry. 


Natives born in different pada of ardra nakshatra : 

1. First pada of ardra nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Jupiter ( guru ) . Conjunction of rahu and guru makes guru chandal yoga and the expenses of such natives are too much compared to the earnings. Luck will favor to such natives during dasha of Jupiter and dasha of lagna lord. 

2. Second pada of ardra nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Saturn. Such natives may face huge trouble in finances. Dasha of Saturn gives good results to these natives. Dasha of lagna and mercury also give good results. Luck will favor the mahadasha of Saturn and Jupiter. 

3. Third pada of ardra nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Saturn. Such natives have less span of life. Dasha of Rahu gives good results to such natives. Saturn dasha gives good luck to such natives. Natives also get good results in the dasha of lagna lord and mercury. 

4. Fourth pada of ardra nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Jupiter. Natives born in this pada have * tendency to steal things and money. Dasha of lagna lord and Rahu gives good results to such natives. 

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