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Cancer Horoscope April 2023,Cancer Ascendant April 2023

In this blog, we will only discuss how April 2023 will be for Cancer ascendant.  Sun and Jupiter will transit in the month of April and they will form a conjunction with Rahu, which is formed after 12 years, due to which this transit will be very important for you and in this blog we will discuss what will be the impact of all these important zodiac changes on your life. 

If number 4 is written in the first house of your horoscope and LA is written in the same house with it, then this is the monthly horoscope for April 2022. For all other ascendant you can see my other blogs... 

Business and Career: 

From 1st to 7th April 

During this period Sun and Jupiter will be in 9th house of birth chart due to which this time can increase your travels in your work. You may be more attracted towards some kind of religious work. You may get involved in some social work as well. At this time your self-confidence will increase, you will be able to restart any kind of new project or any project which got stuck in the past. You may also help someone in their project during this period. Your ability to acquire knowledge will develop, you will get the support of your seniors, your father. 

At present, Rahu and Venus are in the 10th house of the horoscope, this time can give you some kind of sudden benefit related to your career, such a benefit which you have not imagined, this combination can put you in some kind of temptation, that means there are chances that you may start thinking to switch your job to earn more money and to fulfill the desire of this physical world as soon as possible, you may also start thinking of making quick money or may be against the system which may create mental stress to you.  so be a little cautious.  This combination will keep you away from your birth place. 

This peirod can give some good benefits to such people who are associated with the work of International Event Management, fashion industry, people are associated with financial management services, property dealers. 

At present, Mars is in Gemini in the 12th house of your birth chart, from where Mars will aspect the 3rd house and the 7th house, at this time your workload may increase a lot in your work.

This time can give you some kind of auspicious opportunity in your work related to abroad. If you are looking for a job abroad, if you were facing some stress related to your visa, then you can get some sudden benefit in that. But if you are into partnership business then any kind of tension will increase regarding your partnership business, be a little careful. What will be its effect on your family life we will discuss this in our family related section. 

At present, Saturn is in its Mool Trikon Rashi of Aquarius and is in the 8th house of your horoscope.  Saturn in 8th house can cause some sudden incidents in life which you have never imagined before, it can also make you a bit lazy, along with that Saturn in 8th house can also give you mental stress, your interest in your family may reduce, You may move away from your family or it may take you away from your family for some reason, that is, you may get transferred in your job, you may have to travel abroad, your travels may increase a lot in your business.In this time your Interest can be towards some unsolved aspects of life, your interest can increase towards Black magic, Astrology, your interest can also increase in research. 

It can also provide you some such opportunity which you have not imagined. If you want to invest in any type of property or want to buy any vehicle ,So you will have to wait a bit till April, otherwise your mental stress may increase.

7-14 April 

At this time the transit of Venus will be in the 11th house of its own zodiac sign Taurus, due to which this transit will be very important for you people because Venus is the lord of the house of profit and in the house of profit, this time can give some sudden benefits related to your promotion. This time can give some profit, according to your hard work,  if you were not getting fruits of your hard work, if you are not getting profit in your business as per your efforts, then this period will give you some sudden gains. 

Those who are in share trading can also see some kind of sudden profit.

15-21 April 

At this time, the transit of Sun and Mercury will take place in the 10th house of the horoscope, due to which the eclipse of Rahu and Sun will be formed . This time, do not take any kind of decision related to your career in haste, this time can increase any kind of tension in your office at your workplace, you should keep yourself away from any kind of debate, it will be appropriate for you. What will be its impact on your family life we will discuss in our next sections . 

22-30 April

At this time the transit of Jupiter will take place in the 10th house of the birth chart, due to which Rahu and Jupiter will conjunct and form Jupiter Chandal Dosh, which is formed once in 12 years, so at this time you people have to be very careful, Jupiter is the Karak of our knowledge and Rahu confuses the mind and create illusions in mind due to which this combination can increase some kind of movement in your brain or some instability will increase in your mind. You may be forced to take some kind of decision, which will affect your career. Be careful, Rahu and Jupiter will be aspecting the 2nd house, 4th house and 6th house, due to which this time may also increase some tension related to your property related matters. If you are looking to buy a property, or you are looking to buy some vehicle , then wait a little longer. 


In the month of April, such people will have to be careful who have problems related to sleep, have any problem related to nerves, if you have migraine, have any kind of problem related to stomach, you must do physical exercise, Avoid eating outside food or more spicy food. 

Women who are pregnant. They will have to be very careful from 14th to 19th April, during this time you should not lift any heavy weight or do any kind of work which will have a negative effect on your health. What remedies you have to take, I have told in the remedies section. 


After 14th April, your finances will increase, this time your savings will increase, any kind of mental tension regarding your finance will start reducing.

After 13th April, your expenses may increase due to your health. 

The period of 7th to 12th April is not a positive time for your finances. At this time, your mental tension regarding your expenses will increase. Your expenses may also be on your health. , 

Love & Romance life : 

Till 7th April, you can get into some kind of love affair at your work place in your office. 

After 8th April, your love relationship will get stronger, you can go on romantic dates, you will be more likely to get some kind of support from your partner. You express your feeling so that the distance between you and your partner will reduce and you can make your partner feel a little comfortable. 


The month of April is not a very positive time for your married life, this time can increase the tension a bit, at this time you have to control your emotions a little. After 13th April, tension will increase in your home regarding some matter, tension may increase in your home regarding the health of your mother, after 8th April you will feel joy with your children, any kind of tension will be removed. 


  • In this month, you should not wear red and dark blue clothes, after April 13, stay away from green and orange clothes. 
  • After April 22, you should not wear yellow clothes. 
  • You should wear white clothes on April 18-23, it will give you a feeling of peace, it will be appropriate for you
  • Must give water to the sun at the time of sun rise 
  • You must perform Rahu Ketu Shanti Puja on 22nd April between 6:25 am to 5:35 am 
  • You must donate black sessame seeds, 1.25 metre black cloth to a needy person on Saturday. 
  • Donate 1.25 meter yellow colored cloth, 6 bananas, gram turmeric to a poor person on 27th April.

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