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Aquarius Horoscope April 2023, Aquarius Ascendant Horoscope April 2023

In this blog, we have written about how the monthly horoscope of Aquarius for April 2023 . In this blog, the horoscope of Aquarius for the month of April 2023 has been given in detail on career, health, finance, love and remedies. 

By reading this blog, you will get an idea (April 2023 Monthly Horoscope Aquarius) that what you should prepare for the month of April according to the horoscope of Aquarius. Read the horoscope of April 2023 given here carefully and plan your actions accordingly. However, you are also informed (Aquarius Horoscope April 2023 ) that the given horoscope has been written by looking at the effects on Aquarius (Aquarius Ascendant Horoscope April 2023) in the month of April, in which we have taken into account the transit of Moon and other planets. This analysis has been done by looking at the transits of ascendant and not as individuals. 

In this blog, we will only discuss how April 2023 will be for the people of Aquarius ascendant. In the month of April there will be transit of Sun and Jupiter and They will form conjunction with Rahu, which is formed after 12 years, due to which this transit will be a very important transit for you and in this blog we will discuss what effect all these important zodiac changes will have on your life. 

If number 11 is written in the first house of your birth chart and La is written in the same house with it, then this monthly horoscope April 2023 is for you. For rest of the ascendant, you can see my other blogs…

Business and Career :

1- 6 April: 

At present, Sun is in the 2nd house of the horoscope, due to which if you have a family business, you will see stability in it, if you have a partnership business, then some auspicious results will be seen in it as well. How it will affect your health, we will discuss further in our health related section. 

At this time, the conjunction of Rahu and Venus is in the 3rd house of the horoscope, due to which if you have any kind of business with your younger brothers and sisters, then some auspicious results will be seen in it, this time can give immense benefits to such people or professionals who are into media, creative work like singing,writing, or any other activity like dancing , fashion industry . 

At this time, Mars is in the 5th house of the horoscope, from where Mars will be aspecting the 8th house of the horoscope and the 12th house of the horoscope. This time can provide you some kind of new opportunity, some kind of new idea can click in your mind related to some business or new project . If any of your project in the past got stuck due to some reason you were not able to do any work, then this will be the time when you will come with a positive energy and move forward. If you are doing any kind of work with your friends, then there will be stability in it. You can also see some benefits related to foreign countries at this time. 

At present, the  of the Lagna house of your horoscope i.e. Saturn is in its mool trikon sign in the first house of your horoscope, it is creating Shash Panch Mahapurush Yoga in the Lagna house of your horoscope, due to which the coming year will bring some stability in your life. The coming years will play very important role in your future prospects related to career, you will see some stability in your career which was missing during the past many years. 

The presence of Saturn in the first house will give stability in your thought process and your actions will move forward at a slow pace but you will see a stability coming in your career. The coming time will give you benefits according to your hard work, whatever hard work you have done during the past 10-20 years you will get benefits of that.  The coming period will give some very good results for those who are into public dealing, who are into politics  and who are lawyers as well.

7-14 April: 

At this time Venus will transit from the 3rd house to the 4th house of the horoscope in its own sign, due to which this time you may get some benefits related to property, If you were trying to buy some vehicle but facing some challenges or delay in that, then at this time all the obstacles will be removed. If you were looking for a job, you will see positive results in that too. 

April 15-21: 

At this time the transit of Mercury and Sun will take place in the 3rd house of the horoscope, due to which The eclipse of Rahu and Sun will be formed. This conjunction will increase your confidence or over confidence, at this time, you can take wrong decisions by being overconfident, this time can increase some tension related to your luck, you should not take any kind of decision in haste, you will see tension in business with your younger brother and sister as well. 

April 22-30: 

At this time, the transit of Jupiter will take place in the 3rd house of your birth chart, due to which Guru Chandal Dosh will be created. Jupiter is the Karak of our knowledge, it is the Karak of intelligence and Rahu confuses the intellect, due to which this time you will force to take any kind of wrong decision. This time can take you towards some kind of unethical work, due to which you will see its side effects on your career and also on your social image. This time can also force you to think in more than one direction, i.e. this conjunction can distract the mind, as long as there is Sun in this combination, you should not take any decision in anger or overconfidence and pay attention to the advice of others, Jupiter and Rahu will also have aspect on the 7th house of the horoscope. Because of which it can also create problems in your partnership business. We will discuss its effect on your family life further in our family section. 


The month of April can give you some kind of disease related to your eyes and lower part of the stomach, after April 20  you may also face some pain in your shoulders . You may face some issues related to your sleep.. Your restlessness may increase a lot. You must do meditation at this time. 


This month will be a positive time for your finances, your savings will be increase and any kind of tension that was created regarding your savings, it will reduce here. 

Period after April 8, you can get some property related benefits, but from April 7-12, you will see your expenses increasing, you will have to manage your finances in a property manner and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

Love & Romance Life: 

If you are single and you are looking for someone, then you may fall in love with someone in your neighborhood or at your workplace and you get tied up in a love affair, but it will not last for a long time, on the other hand you will try your best to maintain this relation. 

Those who are in a relationship, then while talking to your partner think about both the good and bad aspects of it , otherwise your words may pinch your partner , due to which the distance in your relationship may increase. 


Time after April 14, tension in your married life may increase a little, you may get angry about small things, due to which your mutual differences may increase, at this time you will not be able to balance your work life, which will have a negative impact on your family life. 

Tension may increase in the relationship with the father. The month of April may increase the tension in the relationship with your children as well. 


  • Stay away from green and yellow colored clothes in the month of April. 
  • You can wear dark blue clothes. 
  • In this month, if you wear white clothes on 22-25 April, it can be very beneficial for you. 
  • Mix turmeric and apply it on your forehead daily. 
  • Feed jaggery to cows every Thursday. 
  • Light a mustard oil lamp under Peepal tree on Saturdays. 

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