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Ketu in 11th house of birth chart ? 

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Let us first understand what the eleventh house of the birth chart represents: This house represents the native's gains of all material things, income, the fulfillment of desires, reward and punishment, elder coborn, legs, ear and recovery from diseases 

Ketu in the eleventh house of the birth chart :


1. If the position of Saturn in the birth chart is strong then ketu will give better results and venus is not aspecting ketu.  Such natives will have different sources of income. 

2. Such natives will never lose hope in the hardest time. 

3. Such natives are generous, charitable and famous. 

4. If ketu is placed with venus or venus is aspecting ketu, then he may be trapped in some conspiracy. He will never settle in life and face problems in every aspect of life. 

5. Such natives worry a lot about his future and this creates stomach disease to such natives. 

6. Such native will face health issues related to abdomen, mental stress, ears and hearing disorders. 

7. This placement of ketu put adverse effects on the native's mother. 

8. Ketu placement in the eleventh house create problems in the relationships of native and his / her children. 

9. Such natives are not very socially connected with people or relatives

10. There will be a delay in the birth of a child with such a native.  

Remedies of Ketu in the eleventh house of the birth chart : 

1. Such a native should keep a black dog at home. 

2. Such natives should donate black blankets to poor on Saturday. 

3. Such natives should visit Bhairo ji temple on Saturday. 

4. Such a native should chant "Om Namah Shivaye" mantra 108 times daily, especially during antardasha or mahadasha of Ketu / Rahu. 

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