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Pranam guruji I'm facing health issue very much when I will get free from health issue

Name :Anita C Kittur
Birth Place :Dharwad Karnataka
Birth time : 9:35pm

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Hi ,

I have analyzed your birth chart, you have to change your lifestyle and follow strict routine, I have mentioned some remedies and daily routine to follow for long term : 

1. Chant Mahamrityunjaya Mantra daily 108 times twice ( once morning and once after sunset) 

2. Try to avoid taking anything which increases acidity in body, try to avoid using sugar. 

3. Try to avoid eating junk food , spicy food or deep fried food. 

4. Take coconut water at least once in a week. 

5. Do a morning walk for at least twenty minutes daily. 

6. Eat your food at night before going to bed ( before two hours) . 

7. Chant "Om Namah Shivaye" Mantra daily in the morning 108 times. 

8. Take turmeric milk daily without fat. 

9. Do meditation daily for at least fifteen minutes. 

Hope this will help you soon. 

Astrologer Sachin Sharma,

Founder -