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Sun in second house

Effects of Sun in Second House on family , career and marriage. 

Before moving forward let us understand what second house of birth chart indicates. Second house indicates our possesions, ears, eyes, tongue,speech,family, death. When Sun is 

When Sun is placed in the second house of birth chart or janm kundali , such native  will have some good communication skills, ability to convince other is at higher side, are generous in nature, such natives have very high confidence, successful in managing money matters and accumulating wealth in life, also attain great leadership skills, enjoy financial support from parents. When Sun is placed in  the second house of birth chart will give you some positive results , on the other side spouse of such native's are not so good or it is very difficult for such native to match their frequency with their spouse. Sun in the second house helps them to attain a better position in life and to grow financially . When Sun is placed in the second house of birth chart, then such natives have a zeal to collect jewellery and ornaments. 

When Sun is placed in the second house, such natives get excellent growth in family business and also get good support from their family. 

Such natives are so obsessed to attain authority that sometimes they get involved themselves in some wrong activities and try to attain authority by hook or by crook. 

The impact of Sun in the second house vary from person to person as per the lord of the second house. Placement of Sun in the second house states that such person have good leadership skills and due to this such native have good career growth in Politics and public dealing work. Such natives are highly recognized in the society 

 Such natives also got success by doing less efforts in life which implies their luck always favour them. 

Sun in the second house of birth chart also suggests that such native have huge desire for power which makes them unsatisfied in life. They keep running to attain power, to attain hefty bank balance and to attain knowledge in life. They also have tendency to show off due to which they build a tendency to spend too much. 

Marriage and Married life : 

Placement of Sun in the second house of birth chart, creates some adverse effects on love/relationship and marriage of a person.

Placement of Sun in the second house creates trouble in married life, there are lots of ups and down in married life of such natives. Relation with in-laws are also not so cordial when Sun is placed in the second house of birth chart. It also generates over confidence and ego due to which it is difficult to maintain good relations. Due to over confidence of nature such person can also take decision related to their marriage at early age. 

It is difficult for such native to manage even small petty issues in day to day life due to which there relation not only with spouse got hampered but also their realtion with their children got hampered which creates huge mental stress in later stage of life to such natives. 

When Sun is placed in the second house of birth chart, then spouse of such natives may suffer from health issues like depression, migraine, headache, weak eyesight, or any kind of skin related diseases. 

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Impact of placement of Sun in the second house of birth chart on Career, Business and finance

Placement of Sun in the second house of birth chart, increase the desire to attain all the pleasures of this materialistic world. Such natives also got support from parents especially from father. Sometimes such natives got excessive support from father which sometimes impact in a negative manner and makes such natives arrogant. There are also chances that such natives go abroad for their education and higher studies . 

Natives having Sun in the second house of birth chart have a successful career in public services, sales and marketing, law and politics. This placement of Sun in the second house also gives native excellent and regular income in life which helps him to increase in bank balance throughout his life.

Negative effects of Sun placed in the second house of birth chart 

Second house is considered the killer ( maraka) hosue in vedic astrology. 

When Sun is maraka or malefic in birth chart : 

Natives having Sun in the second house can suffer from speech disorders like stammering, also suffer from brain related disease like depression, migraine.  Such natives having Sun in  the second house of birth chart suffer from lack of self confidence and their is always of fear in their mind with negative thoughts. 

Always note that Sun is the kind of planets, therefore Sun alone in the second house is not sufficient to give native very bad results related to health , however if placed or aspected by malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu or Saturn then this placement of Sun will create huge health issues throughout the life of native. 

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