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Sun in third house

Results of Sun in third house

Effects of Sun in the 3rd House on Career , Finance and Marriage 

Impact on Personality traits of the person with Sun in the 3rd House

If you have the Sun in the 3rd House, then such natives are highly confident, blessed with an attractive personality, love to talk, love to make contacts with people, love travelling.Such natives are more inclined towards creative work like singing, dancing, art, drama etc. rather studying science. 

Placement of Sun in the third house is considered ** one of the best position in birth chart. 

When Sun is placed in the third house of birth chart, then such natives desire to achieve a certain goal is very high and such natives have very bright mind to achieve such goals in life. Their hunger to succeed in life is very high and during the dasha , antardasha of Sun such natives grow exponentially. 

Such natives are also attracted towards people in higher authorities and will try their best to add such highly influential people in their contact list.  Such natives are highly self-reliant and even in the worst situation in life, they are not ready to take help of others. On the contrary, they are always ready to provide their support to others and also strong believer in their dharma and are very close to their religion and culture. 

Such natives are arrogant in behavior due to which they have not very cordial relation with their subordinates at the workplace and they are also not ready to accept new ideas of others. 

When Sun is placed in the third house, such natives always help and support their younger brother(s), sister(s), and cousin(s).

Effect of the Sun in the third house on Career : 

When Sun is placed in the 3rd house of birth chart, such natives have very high level of confidence due to which such natives are blessed in politics, company's CEO, higher authority positions, public dealing work.  It also help them to attain a government job and admnistrative services. Such natives have strong inclination towards army and defence services ** they are very disciplined and can make good plans to attain goals. These natives also enjoy travelling, so any work related to travel also allure them. 

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Effects of Sun in the third House on Marriage, married life and love/Relationship 

When Sun is placed in the third house, then such natives become more charitable and attracted towards religious activities after the age of thirty two . Placement of Sun in the second house is considered the best place for progeny. 

In females, Sun in 3rd House of birth chart is karaka of high sexual drive , but this happens only after their marriage. Mostly such couples are blessed with twin babies. Placement of Sun in the third house always give positive results irrespective of the third house lord especially in the case of male. 

Placement of Sun in the third house made them more devoted , faithful and helpful , untill their status and prestige is not harmed in the society. 

Negative impact of Sun in the third house of birth chart : 

Even after doing support to their parents, brother and sister , in return such natives never get the best support in return. They may face alligation to support their friends and not supporting their brother and sister which is not true. Even after doing their duties in a right manner such natives face such alligations and blames on them quite often in life. 

Such natives are quite arrogant and are not flexible, due to which it is difficult for them to work in groups especially when they have to take direction from others. 

Even after putting too much hard work , such natives hard work may not get recognized in the society and at their work place. 

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