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What are the Impact of Ketu in 5th house of birth chart in Vedic Astrology 

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Let us first understand what the fifth house of the birth chart represents: 

This house represents the native's progeny, intelligence, poorvpunya, mantra siddhi, speculation, learning, writing, heart, upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, mental illness or soundness 

Ketu in the fifth house of the birth chart : 

Ketu always creates problems when placed in the fifth house if it is not aspected by a planet like Jupiter.  Progeny is the most common problem faced by such native and they will always face a delay in the birth of a child. Such natives also face miscarriages and more chances of a baby child to be unhealthy. 

Placement of ketu in the fifth house snatched away the mental piece of the native and it is very difficult for such native to have a sound sleep especially during the antardasha / mahadasha of Ketu. 

Such native also face huge problems in their education and there are breaks in completing the education for such native. 

Such natives also face health problems and they spend most of their earnings on the diseases 

Remedies of ketu in the fifth house of the birth chart : 

1. Such natives should donate milk and sugar on Monday to any poor. 

2. Such a native should apply saffron tilak on the forehead. 

3. Such natives should visit Lord Bhairo temple on Saturday. 

4. Such a native should chant "Om Namah Shivaye' mantra 108 times daily.

Sachin Sharmaa,