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Sun in the Second house of Aries Ascendant / Sun in 2nd house of Aries ascendant.

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When Sun is placed in the SECOND house of Aries ascendant, such natives are excellent orator and excellent command over speech. Such natives are very bold and can convince anyone with their thought process and words. His voice is always full of confidence and energy. He has an authoritative voice. Such natives are very keen on accumulating wealth and liquid cash. Such natives get respect in the family and always support his family. Such natives are blessed with the parental property . If Sun is not afflicted in the second house then such natives accumulate huge wealth and assets in life. When Sun is in the second house of Aries ascendant, such natives are blessed with the family business and start taking interest in the family business from a young age. Such natives are very successful in family business. 

There are chances that such natives earn through chemical business, medicine business, financial market, share trading,research. 

If Sun is afflicted by planets like Rahu in the second house, such natives may loose his property and all assets accumulated by his ancestors.  If the affliction is there of some negative planet on the second house, then such natives family are always against him and will not get support from his family. 


When Sun is in the second house of birth chart, such natives are blessed with compatible married life and he / she may also do love marriage. Spouse of such natives may suffer from diseases and health issues throughout life which maybe some kind of skin disease. Such natives do all expenses on their children and their children are the reason of the loss of wealth of such native. 

There are chances that spouse of such natives do a lot of expense and most of the time it becomes the reason of clashes between the native and his / her spouse. There are chances that spouse of such natives are very poor in financial management. 

Such natives are good-natured children and live happily with them. There are chances that there will be delay in progeny and such natives have a very limited number of children with difficulty.

On the other hand, when Sun is afflicted in the second house of birth chart , such natives have very disturbed married life and are not satisfied with his / her partner. Mental stress is always there at home and children of such natives never obey him / her.


When we talk about some physical characteristics of such native, when Sun in 2nd house in Aries Ascendant, may have natural shine or attraction on his / her  face. There are chances that such native have eyesight problems and if afflicted with planets like Rahu, then such natives may suffer huge problems with eyesight and will come to know very late about the eye sight problem. Such natives may suffer from disease like Sugar ** well when afflicted by some malefic planet. 

The placement of Sun in the second house is not favorable for the health of the native. However Sun alone won't give too much trouble here , however if conjunct with planets like Mars, Saturn or Rahu native face health problem throughout life and keep taking medicine in his / her entire life of disease which can't be diagnosed especially skin diseases.

If any negative planet affliction is there, then such natives may suffer from speech-related disease ** well.

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