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Pranaam Guruji.

Name - Puneet Sharma

 My DOB is 16.08.1988. Time- 5.00 PM

Place- Chandigarh

I am currently in government job and got married in 2018. My expenses are rising manifold. I am not able to save anything at the end of the month. All salary gets drained in some expense or the other. Whenever I try to complete a loan, a new loan stands in front of me for some expense or the other. I am so much disturbed mentally. Please give me some solution or upaaye to get rid of loans. Please also tell me about future prospects in my job regarding promotions and when will I be able to buy my own house. Presently I live in a rented accomodation. Regards

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Thanks for writing to me here, ** soon ** I analyze your birth chart, will update here....

Astrologer Sachin Sharma,