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Sun in seventh house of Aries Ascendant / Sun in 7th house of Aries ascendant birth chart 

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Sun in 7th House for Aries Ascendant


Placement of Sun in 7th house for Aries Ascendant is not considered favorable position, ** Sun is placed in the debilitated sign of Libra in the 7th house. Due to which, such native has less self -confidence, he face instability in mind, his concentration power is also not good and unable to focus on single goal in life. When Sun is placed in the 7th house of the birth chart, then such natives are short-tempered and maybe jealous of others or even their younger brother and sister. Such natives always try to criticize others and are very egoistic in nature. 

If such a native attains some higher education or attain some knowledge of any field , then he has ego of his knowledge and education. If such native, whose Sun is in the 7th house of Aries Ascendant, are into some kind of partnership business then he will not be successful in that. There are chances of huge clashes with partners and losses in partnership business are quite often. Native having Sun in the 7th house of Aries ascendant are advised not to do partnershp business. Such native don't want to listen to any one and such native are not interested in taking suggestion from any one, due to this they are not flexible enough to  accept the ideas of partners and just because of this reason they face clashes and mental stress in partnership business..

But such native will have high level of energy, aggressiveness and positive attitude particularly at workplace. If the position of the lord of the tenth house is strong then such native may also get government job and good administrative position in governmet sector.  It also makes the native a successful manager to manage big teams. Such natives are successful in administrative work, analysis work, farming, mining. 


When Sun in the 7th house of aries ascendant, then such native will get a beautiful and devoted wife. There are chances that wife of such native will come from good and reputed family background. Wife of such native will always helpful in nature and help such native in ups and down in life. 

However, if Sun is afflicted by some malefic, then such native could have more than one or two marriage because they think that they are not getting the attention they want from spouse. 

Such native will face unhappy marriage life because the attitude of the wife of such native is of bossy type due to which there are chances of huge clashes with the wife of such native. 

When Sun is in the 7th house of birth chart, health of wife of such native may be weak and children of such native are also not very healthy and face diseases in life.  7th house is also not consider good regarding children. Children of such native may live and settled away from him.


Placement of Sun in the 7th house is not considered good for health. Such native may face issue related to lower abdomen area, mental stress. Such native also face problems related to heart. 

Such natives have to take care of their abdomen and try to live a healthy lifestyle, otherwise, placement of sun in the 7th house may create a huge problem in the lower abdomen area at the later stage of life.. 

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