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Impact of Ketu in fourth house of birth chart in Vedic Astrology 

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Let us first understand what the fourth house of the birth chart represents: 

This house represents the native's mother, happiness or unhappiness, lands, houses, vehicles, education, own family, chest, lungs, heart, breast. 

Ketu in the fourth house of the birth chart : 

Such natives will never get growth, peace of mind if they do business/job in the homeland. Such native's mother always faces health issue and if the native is going through antardasha or mahadasha of ketu then her mother may face a very serious health problem which will be very difficult to cure. They also face legal problems regarding their property. Such natives also face accidents during the mahadasha or antardasha of ketu with their vehicles. 

Such a native if working at the birthplace only then he/she always face short of money problems and very difficult for him/her to manage the day to day expenses. 

Since ketu in the fourth house aspecting the tenth house which is the house of karma, job so the native will face huge problems in his job/business during mahadasha/ antardasha of ketu. and also he will face huge losses in the business/job.  If he is doing business in the same hometown, then he will not be able to grow his business. 

Remedies of ketu in the fourth house : 

1. Most importantly such natives should search for jobs/ do business away from the homeland, if possible in another country. 

2. Such a native should keep a dog at home. 

3. Such natives should donate blankets to poor people on Wednesday. 

4. Such natives should visit Lord Bhairo temple on Saturday. 

5. Such a native should do meditation daily for at least thirty minutes to reduce the negative effects of ketu. 

Sachin Sharmaa,

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