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Sun in ninth house of Aries Ascendant 

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Sun in 9th House for Aries Ascendant

Sun in 9th House for Aries Ascendant


When Sun is placed in the ninth house of aries ascendant, then such natives are lucky, rich and wealthy. ** Sun is the lord of fifth house in Aries ascendant, and when Sun is placed in the 9th house then such natives get government job at higher position and are also get favours from goverment authorities during their entire life.  Such natives are religious-minded and are also very helpful to others. Such natives believe in social services ** well, whenever they get chance to do social service in life they always do that. Such natives respect their father and teachers. Such natives attain good education and are also successful in getting higher studies. There are chances to visit abroad for studies or job during their life of such native. 

Such natives can easily attain any type of knowledge very quickly and are good teacher ** well.  He has clear thoughts and ability to sort out any matters with his wisdom. Such natives are truthful and are very ambitious. There are chances that such natives earn good money by using social media platforms now a days and become famous by using such platform. 

Professions like governmet job, media,literature, teacher,preacher,research and traveling suit such natives a lot. 

On the other hand if some malefic planet like Rahu aspect the ninth house then such native should rely on parent support most of the time in life and have lot of ups and down in career ** well. 


Since Sun is the lord of 5th house and is placed in the ninth house, such natives have good support from father and also get parental support in life. There are chances that father of such natives are famous in society and fortunate person. He may also cause health problems for father. He may get good parental property. 

Such natives do arrange marriage however love marriage of such natives are not so successful. Such native get partner of good family background and of higher class then himself / herself. 

When sun in the ninth house of aries ascendant, then marriage life of such natives are normally smooth but sometimes there are disturbances in life that too due to some ego problem of such native. 

Such natives are blessed with good natured children and are obedient. Such natives get fame due to his children ** well. 

On the other hand if some malefic planet aspect Sun in the 9th house then such natives never listen to their father and relation with father is not cordial. Married life of such natives also got disturbed and face lots of ups and down. 


When sun is placed in the ninth house of aries ascendant then such natives are blessed with good health. But at later stage of life such natives may face bone related issues, blood related issues like cholestrol, blood sugar, skin realted disease ** well. Such natives normally have good immunity and can fight with any disease easily. 

If aspect with some malefic planet, then such natives got heart-related issues in later stage of life i.e. in old age. 

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