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Sun in the 1st house of Aries Ascendant 

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Sun in 1st House for Aries Ascendant


As we know that Sun is head of solar system, Sun is King and placed in excellent sign and in the 1st house so it makes native King, SUCH NATIVES ARE LIKE KING IN THEIR PROFESSIONAL LIFE , THAT MEANS WHATEVER THEY DO THEY ACHIEVE * PEAK IN THAT PARTICULAR PROFESSION. . When Sun in the first house of Aries Ascendant, then such native can handle any level of pressure and can cop up with any pressure situation in life, but believe to pressure others. It is very difficult for subordinates of such natives, to work under such natives whose Sun is in the first house of Aries ascendant. Sun in first house leads to favors from the government which can also be considered as an indication for government jobs. In first house planet Sun will give strong and moral nature and will make one very ambitious in life.Such natives have very strong decision making power and are not interested in taking decisions from others. 

Sun will also give * sense of right and wrong and will make righteous. The native with the sun in first house are successful politicians and  will be in position and power or in an authoritative position for some years. Such natives whose Sun in the first house of Aries ascendant, attain high administrative position in government jobs, are owner of big organisation as such natives have very good managerial skills 


Sun in first house will bring * creative partner in natives life and the native will marry by his own choice. Placement of Sun in the first house of Aries ascendant make the native rigid and such native won't listen to others and are not flexible in nature. Sun being * mild malefic will give issues in married life and native will not share * harmonious relationship with the spouse. 

The native with Sun in 1st House for Aries Ascendant feels unhappy in the company of his wife. Relations with the wife are adversely affected. Sun in 1st house for Aries Ascendant indicating native has good children and children's of such natives are fortunate. Such native has good relationship with his children. Sun in 1st house aspects the seventh house of marriage, If the sun is well placed then married life will be successful and happy. But if the lord of 7th house will not be in good position in chart and if 7th house gets afflicted then, the marriage life will suffer from disharmony with the chance of temporary separation and sometimes permanent divorce. 


 Sun in the first house of Aries ascendant is in the house of Aries may cause Pittha dosha. So it may cause fever or hot body temperature.  If Sun is afflicted by planets like Rahu or Ketu , then there will also lead to arrogance, cruel nature and injuries especially when Sun is afflicted. He has strong bones and energetic. Since first house denotes our looks and personality, Sun in first house will lead to tall appearance and less hair on the head. It may also create some trouble related to lower abdomen area. 

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