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Sun in 3rd house of Aries Ascendant 

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When Sun is placed in the third house of Aries ascendant, which is the sign of Gemini, such natives are very bold, very courageous, fearless and having full self-confidence. Such natives are very intelligent, have logical mind, and are skillful. Such natives have good communication skills and are able to impress others. The attitude of such person is like a leader, like a boss , communicating style of such person is royal which also shows administrative touch . 

Natives having Sun in the third house attain good education and are higly knowledgeable.  Third house of birth chart indicates the different modes of communication like social media, telephone, media, and so on. Such natives attain good public reach with the help of social media.  They are very clear in their thought process , about what they want and what they believe in. They have stable mind and clear thought process. Their clarity fuels their confidence and due to such qualities such natives are able to achieve whatever they wish to achieve.

Placement of Sun in the third house is one of the most favourable position when we talk about leadership skills and career in politics. Such person are very inclined towards regligious activities ** well. Professions which suits such natives are Social media,politics,administrative jobs,education sector,preacher, sales and marketing. 


 When Sun is placed in the third house in Gemini Sign of Aries ascendant, such natives are blessed with happy siblings with good behavior and siblings of such natives may be very famous.  His siblings may be very brave. Such native sometimes become to egoistic due to which there may be clashes with family members ** well. 

  He may get good name and fame through self-efforts. He may be powerful and ******* man to lead a comfortable life. Such natives have to be very careful, ** lot of self-confidence some time creates trouble to them, specially in married life which makes them rigid in nature. Due to rigid nature, there are chances of huge clashes with life partner. 

  This may create certain misunderstandings between them and other family memebrs ** well. Such natives may not have very smooth relationships with those who are close to them. Native may have happiness through children. Such natives may have many children. Children of such natives are fortunate and blessed with good materialistic success in life. 

  On the other hand, when Sun is afflicted in the third house of birth chart , such natives have very disturbed married life and are not satisfied with his / her partner. Mental stress is always there at home and children of such natives never obey him / her.



Such natives who have Sun in the third house of Aries ascendant, has good physical and mental strength. Such natives are blessed with strong physique including strong bones of arms or shoulders. Due to some malefic aspect of planets there are chances of some health realted problems related to their shoulders which may be serious at some time.  Overall the health of such natives are good throughout life if there is not malefic aspect of any other planet. 

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