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Sun in 5th house of Aries Ascendant 

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Sun in 5th House for Aries Ascendant



Sun is the lord of 5th house in Aries ascendant birth chart and Sun is placed in the 5th house. Sun in 5th house indicates that such native could have very strong mentality, he is blessed with stable mind, his decision-making power is very strong, he is very good at studies,he is master of many trades,very intelligent. He could be ******* for his knowledge. There are chances that such natives attain very good knowledge of astrology and if he is in research, then such natives become great scientists ** well. He could be well in mantra. He can attain knowledge very quickly in comparison to others and such native attain knowledge of various field in life. Such natives are very brave and have mature friend circle. 

When Sun is placed in the fifth house in Aries ascendant, then such native may be very aggressive and hot temper. Such a person also suffer from ego problems in life. Some time his behaviour is too egoist that it will be difficult for others to tolerate him. 

When Sun is in the fifth house aries ascendant then such native could be getting help of government or organization. He may be head of any institute. He could be good advisor but his advice may looks like order. Such natives have magnetic attraction due to their knowledge and always become the centre of attraction in a group. 


Aries Ascendant  of Sun in 5th house indicating native could be blessed by good children. His children could have good personality. His children may be independent by nature and good in behavior. It could be possible one of his children might be very ******* and gets good name and fame but it doesn’t mean another will not get good name and fame. When Sun is placed in the fifth house of aries ascendant indicates that his children may achieve higher position. 

Most of the time it has seen that when sun is placed in the fifth house then such native face delay in progeny or problems in child birth. ** Sun is also the lord of fifth house in Aries ascendant so Sun will create problems but for Aries, the problems will be less but the native will still face som problems related to child birth.


When Sun is placed in the fifth house of Aries ascendant, Sun is the giver of good health in aries ascendant. But ** the life progress such native may suffer from disease related to stomach or some intestinal problems. Such native has to take good care while eating something to keep his / her stomach healthy. Such natives may also suffer pain in the arms or hands. There are chaces that when Sun is placed in the fifth house, such native could die of chest pain or heart trouble.

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