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Saturn in the First House of Birth Chart 

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Saturn in the first house of birth chart 

Saturn in 1st house :



First house of birth chart represents our personality, our inner strength,our stability of mind,our inner peace.. ** we know that Saturn is a slow-moving planet, due to which when Saturn is placed in the first house, such a native will be little slow in thought process, he has stable mind, decision-making powers are very high. There are huge chances that such a native will get the things a little late in life ** Saturn placed in the first house, takes the rigorous test of the native and when the native will pass all the tests, he will get the fruit of his hard work. 

When Saturn is placed in 1st house then native may be rich and kind person. Such a native have good power and also get recognition in the society. Native is a very down-to-earth and practical person. Such a natie may achieve his goals in life but after lot of hurdles and struggle in life but growth in life is must and such a natie will definitely get his rewards of his hard work.  Growth in life starts after the age of 36 years.  

Such a native also ahieve high posts with lot of authority. He has amazing ability to overcome competition in life. He will be good in education, achieve prosperity, and long life. His economical financial condition keeps improving steadily in life. Such a native may be a deep thinker and he has a positive attitude towards old traditions. Scuh a native are very helpful in nature especially keep helping those who belong to lower class in society. 


When Saturn is placed in the first house, such a native may face delay in marriage due to Saturn aspect on the seventh house of birth chart. Such natives give priority to their work, due to which such a native won't be able to maintain work-life balance which impacts their married life a lot in a negative manner. Such a native have good-natured wife , loyal and normally such a native spend normal married life after facing some stress. 


When Saturn is placed in the first house, then such a native may face lot of health-related issues may be later stage of life. He may face problems related to brain, arthritis, muscular pain, bones-related issues , depression and may also suffer from disease related to sexual organs. 

There are chances that such a native may face some disease in the early childhood due to which growth of such native will be little slow in the childhood. 

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