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Saturn in the second house of Birth Chart

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Saturn in the second house of birth chart 

Saturn in 2nd house:



When Saturn is placed in the second house of birth chart, then such a person always run after money ,it makes the native very money-minded but he gather money after lot of hard work. 

Saturn will aspect the fourth house of birth chart, due to which it will impact the health of the native's mother. There are chances that the native will attain his own house but after too much of delay and lot of hard work. 

Such a native knows how to save money and is very skillful in money management. Sometimes native is busy gaining wealth mainly in liquid money but he is unable to use it for any personal purpose. Placement of Saturn in the second house makes the voice very harsh due to which it will impact the realtion with his relatives and family members. 

 ** we know that Saturn is a natural malefic and belongs to delay so more struggle regarding earning in starting age. Such a native may get a lot of chances of earnings in life but due to Saturns delay in nature, such a native won't enjoy his money and he will be able to gather good money after the later age of life. 

Such a native may have multiple sources of income. If we talk about the profession of such a native then, construction, real estate, mining, petrochemical industry, engineering sector will best suit such a native. 


When Saturn is placed in the first house is consider bad regarding the family ** it is a malefic and indicating loss of family happiness. Such a native always feel a friction with his spouse and always unhappy from inside about his family. There are chances that such a native will fall in lot of love affairs but all are not loyal . So such a native do arrange marriage at the end. 

 He never gets a partner who may not match his expectations and matter of romance in the relationship. There are chances that such a native get married twice because of disturbed family and ego issues, his married life will unhappy and lack of love. 

Placement of Saturn in the second house, may create trouble to the health of the mother of such native. There are chances that mother of such native will suffer from bone realted disese and arthritis. 


When Saturn is placed in the second house of birth chart then there are chances that such a native may face mouth related disease, bones related disease, eyes related disease and gastric problems. Such a native also faces frequent coughs and colds during his life. 

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