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Saturn in the fourth house of birth chart 

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Saturn in the fourth house of birth chart 

Saturn in 4th house:



When Saturn is placed in the fourth house, then such native has to do lot of hard work to get success in life. You may face challenges in your profession. You may face lot of hurdles in your professional life and you have to do lot of hard work in your career. Such natives are very serious about your career and life goals. Such natives always think about the identity and how to make an identity in society. 

If Jupiter aspect will be there on the 4th house of birth chart, then it will reduce the negative impact of Saturn. 

Such natives face challenges while purchasing any land, purchasing any vehicle. Saturn creates delay while purchasing any asset by the native. These natives don’t want someone to interfere with their life, but they are responsible and dependable. Such a native could always honest. 

 There are chances that such natives face lot of challenges in completing their education and face lot of break in attaining complete education. 

 When we talk about profession of such natives, then such natives are more successful where they have to serve people like in any sort of government job, NGO, Politics, Facility Management Services, Medical Field and Law.  




When Saturn in the fourth house, then such natives are less comfortable at home, there are chances that Mother of such natives are too strict and force other to follow strict discipline at home. Due to such behaviour of the mother native won't feel comfortable and ** soon ** he got an opportunity in life he move away from birth place. 

There are chances that your thought process will not match with your father ** well.

When Saturn in the 4th house then such natives are not having cordial relations with their relatives ** well and also they don't get any support from relatives. 

Such a native always live far from his parents . Such a native's love life or love affair are dry and relationship turn into ugly breakup. Married life of such natives are also not so favourable and face lot of ups and down because of some family issues and also due to some financial problems. Partner of such native will be self-centered and look a bit older than native. 

But if Jupiter aspect is there on the fourth house or seventh house then family life of such native will be less challenging and such native face normal married life. 


When Saturn is placed in the fourth house, then such a native face heart related problems and blood-related problems like blood pressure, blood sugar. Such a native also faces gastric problems and lungs related issues in the later part of life . 

There are chances that immunity of such natives are poor due to which such a native face cold and cough very often in their life. 

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