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Hello Dear Friend,

First of all thank you for reading this query and taking your valuable time to resolve it.

18 Feb 1986 / 4:55 AM / Sagittarius Ascendant / New Delhi-India

I am thankful to God that he is giving me courage to survive so far although I am not progressing in any front of my life.

My mother is not keeping well from last few months. :(

Based on my simple knowledge about astro my planetary placements are highly challenging. However I am still writing the placements for your convenience.

Sun-Mercury-Venus-Jupiter - Conjunction in 3rd house

Rahu in 5th house - Ketu in 11th house

Mars-Saturn- Conjunction in 12th house.

Would appreciate if anyone can suggest me what wrong I did in my past, happenings in present & precaution+prediction for future?

I am open for brutal good and bad truths to learn & evolve for betterment.

Thank you for taking time,

Hare Krishna & God bless you!

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